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I'm curious, you know, this group is going to start to form here because it's a relationship between Kevin and Sean and we know razor and diesel and the one two three kid, Shawn Michaels, they become the real-life click and a lot has written and been said about that. When do you remember seeing them all together in thinking, not like with a capital K or capital C or whatever? Hey, look, this is a new little click of gots here because a lot of little pockets of talent, these guys are friends and those guys are friends. That's not really new in wrestling, right, Jim. No, no, it's not new at all. Factions are one of my favorite things to follow and talk about, see evolve and stuff. All those guys were hungry. They're all talented. They all have product knowledge, which I thought was very, very important. And they had chemistry. They all got along. They all traveled together and they share information and, you know, those car trips that people were here talking about, well, he worked 500 days that year. Come on. But nobody worked 500 a day. Right. But you know, they just, it was just a perfect marriage with those dudes. And I think it and Scott hall was one of the great minds in pro wrestling. Some people may not really be aware of. Scott was, he was brilliant. And he held Kevin so you got now you got a tutor in Shawn Michaels, you got another tutor in Scott hall, and they're both streetwise. Yes. They will have product knowledge, and they all were hungry. They all wanted to make more money, and they knew to do that, they had to get over. And that's what these guys did. They were all unselfish with each other, which I thought was kind of cool. The big breakout moment for diesel happens at the 1994 Royal Rumble Match. He has a dominant performance here. He eliminates 7 other guys in the match, and this is always something that we talk about now. Yes, we talk about who won. Yes, we talk about who lasted the longest, but we also talk about who had the most eliminations. And, you know, it's used that stat of being dominant and throw in so many guys over, has gone on to establish a lot of talent over the years, sort of their breakout performance. I remember Roman Reigns had one like that before he became world champ and things and people often refer to that now in the course of a rumble match is, oh, he's in the diesel spot. So it really is a planned breakout performance for him and probably a good way to do it. Just show his size and how he can throw guys around. Yeah, I think that's a no brainer. I think you're right on the money there. He just kept evolving and learning and getting smarter and he had a good mind for finishes. And the execution of a game plan and so forth. Kayla is no dummy, man. Kevin Nash is one of the smartest guys that I was ever around in all my years in wrestling. He got it. And he also knew how to get reminded every day, hey, I'm 7 feet tall. I got good feet. Meaning he's got good athleticism. Coordination, so forth. So he was, he was paying attention, Conrad. Let's put it that way. He was paying attention and he had aligned himself with the right people because if you're Sean side at that point in time, you soon realize that he wielded a lot of power. And then he had his big buddy there and I think sometimes Kendall was believe it or not, it may not look like it. But I think Sean was a steadying influence to Kevin, but more importantly, I think that Kevin was a stating influence to Sean. And at that time, Sean had me more stability and if it's coming from is a big bodyguard, then so be it. But I think this was just a real, it came along with the right place at the right time, the right guys were affiliated with each other at the right guys for on each other side. They had a good team effort. So I was trying to get better and get more upwardly mobile on the booking because again, if Kevin had an idea, all he's got to do is tell Sean and Sean would talk to the old man. Right. So that was a good line of communication. A lot of guys did not have. Somebody would say, well, this is the troublemaker dot org. No, it's just Kevin was never a troublemaker. Kevin just didn't take no for an answer very often, and he's also very bright. He knew what worked and what didn't work. For him. And every time I got to figure that out, what's it going to take? What's it going to, what's it going to take to get me to the next level of consistent main events where there's more money to split up? Well, we're going to talk about him drawing money, but before we do, we should mention that for most in 1994, you're not there in the company, but we would see diesel become the Intercontinental Champion. And I'm sure you're at least keeping up with the product. What do you think of the evolution of Kevin Nash? He was certainly getting more comfortable in the character and becoming more comfortable in front of the camera now. Yeah, oh yeah. He was getting better and better every student of the game. He wouldn't

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