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Immerse i'm sorry let's see you can look for you want he may not taking a picture with it i mean i don't know but back then that was stylish we got out of that i'm kind of happy about it happens it will you know what it will happen again to matthew don't worry we'll see about that i don't know man i'm just saying hey there was a lot of guys that have do you remember the linebacker harry carson probably not he was a great linebacker for the new york giants wilbur marshall was this late eighties i'm telling you the years that i was here i was born in eighty six don't really have any memories till maybe eighty nine nine hundred so around and we were there then we had them then they were fading because everybody was laughing at you and stuff like that i think i still have the wallet i'm not sure i'm gonna show a t it's a big wallet too big your big wallet and your big merce you had stuff why are you laughing i try to stay with start i was stylish that's that's what that's what's making me laugh because i know you so well i just imagine you get off that bus with your stunning shade zone gators just walking into that feel good and look good yes why not if you look good you feel good oh yeah that's that's the saying i still believe that confidence basically now they don't wait a minute now the kids wear the sweatsuits before they go they go to the game right soutar now you've got some guys on the nfl do the nfl guys younger guys we're the we're we're sweatsuits they dress down now if you're a franchise quarterback you go wear that suit because you look in very you know also you know you're for the game well yeah you try you try to show i mean if you're von miller he's looking at part everybody's looking at par for those sponsors that are out there that pop that power probably want you to represent their their wares i haven't been around for the team getting off the bus and a little while they still wear the blue jackets and you think i have no where i thought they were yeah they were they were well 'cause i know where did you blue jackets anymore gets ncaa rules can't do it can't give the guys jackets anymore sorry that's gone they wear suits yes some some guys worsens rich i think coach richard had them in had them in sweats i think coach hoke had them in suits sure would jimmy hannan i don't know i always remember i feel like i remember the like the blue jacket khaki pants and this is before your mind yes we had we had the blue we had two blue jackets that was always the tradition i dunno it was but the ncaa took that away when you got into the lloyd car era lay in there they stopped that guy's just wore they hey there was dressed to kill chas addressing the kill baby to say it happens dari some guys that don't care just give me that blue jagger right there you know go get that blue jacket printed have the tire half tied up just to portray that you have a tie on we've all been there i mean if you couldn't you couldn't die don't go don't know that's how i learned how to tie tie i mean my dad taught me and i just forgot but when you get here in michigan he got under bojan you got to wear a tie well now under lloyd because i so poignant story that i remember how i learn it was actually we were at an event for wolverine human services john kelly was something doing with with him and my dad was speaking or we were meeting him there and so our mom was helping us getting ready and i think i had a tie that was already tied from a previous event but baby brother he didn't have one so we were not mom kinda jimmy rigs him one gets him one going and then we get there to the event brian greasy looks at him goes oh man what we we can't have you.

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