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In less than older people and because of that they downgraded to big major beer companies uh boston beer company in constellation brands bassem your company is most famously known for sam adams shrink enough the too bright spots were imports and michelob ultra new ad says idaho right arm mansito ngos drinking then we won alcohol consumption went down during the last recession they thought it would come back and even alcohol consumption is coming back people are shifting especially young people they're shifting from beer wine and spirits aliso of outrage is a is a dead i'm surrendered of his followers but it's clear and there's some other stuff too so people young people especially their drinking more and more outside of bars the drink in home or out about with friends or at just outside a bars right bicep had tinder so you don't need the bar yeah you can meet them and anywhere now exactly and then what's the most interesting part in this is kind of a thing that we've been seen with a millennials and all different kinds of industries there's what they call a channel shifts in beers now you have to compete with bruppo abs and microbreweries and tap rooms in the app brings good your house right and his aides say what what there's an app that does that oh yeah get your life audie has the delivers my best lying wonderfully i liked that you've told me all this data and i'm like but wade and so what i found out this story is that millennial consumption habits.

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