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Of our state should take participants receiving payment benefits the program run by HHS to provide cash and other benefits individuals and make them automatically eligible to participate in the more we will be proposing a rule to close the loophole while claiming this move will save Americans millions in tax dollars the USDA admits it quote may also negatively impact food security and quote for millions of Americans in California the proposed changes to stop could cut off food support for one hundred and twenty thousand households living below two hundred percent of the poverty line many of whom are working into a joint statement by California food security organizations Rachel Tucker is a policy analyst at the California association of food banks and does not see the ruling as closing the loophole but rather taking away crucial support from those in need we look at the state option as I brought a categorical eligibility and to the to it Sir this is helping low income working families the kids older adult individuals with disabilities who have income yeah just a little bit about a hundred and thirty percent of the federal poverty level but also have very high expensive things like housing child care and the like this is just another blow to people who are experiencing poverty here in the United States a Minnesota millionaire rob under center has made headlines for being able to access snap benefits the USDA is claiming that people who don't need help are taking advantage of the safety net but Kathy Sunderland McDonald of the county welfare association of California does not see this as an issue well not completely impossible rather far fetched to think that there's this cadre of millionaires out there or people who are just extremely well on skating on the system that's not what the program is designed to do that's not that's not who it helps and it's unfortunate that people look at particular incident actually accurate or not and use those of examples of an entire program that serves millions of low income largely working families and individuals for whom the high cost of living in California and across the nation make it impossible for them to make ends meet for their family the crowds are critical of this proposal as a similar ruling about broad based categorical eligibility was rejected by Congress in twenty eighteen in the farm bill debate the proposed ruling will be announced tomorrow for KPFA I'm clear in your cell phone company C. E. O. says a school board president has rejected his offer to pay overdue launch bills in a district that warned parents their children can end up in foster care if they didn't pony up local launch coffee chief executive Todd Carmichael says he offered to give Pennsylvania's Wyoming valley west school district twenty two thousand dollars to wipe out the bills a spokesperson for the leader of the Philadelphia based coffee roaster said today board president Joseph Moser rejected the offer arguing monies owed by parents who can afford to pay Wyoming valley west lawyers Charles consulate said he's not sure what the school board plans to do child welfare authorities have told the district loser and county does not run its foster system that way the first day of fund drive is always rough but this one is particularly a ball for this effort on the news cast is a.

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