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The LA area will have to return to custody in July it is a twenty five we have traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the five let's check in now with Jeff Biggs and we've been trying to get the word out that even though the freeways may seem mobile a lot lighter and that's obvious because what's going on we've been telling people that warning people not to speed because even though it may be light in empty the temptation is to go faster but we've just seen so many a really bad serious injury car accidents because of people driving too fast so the good news is the accidents have been down a little bit so far today and this evening but we still have this problem of of items ending up on the freeway and blocking your your vehicles and causing accidents that way right now Norwalk juicer five southbound at six oh five south bound and Alondra there's a large piece of wood that ended up in the fast lane we told you about in Tustin on the fifty five north bound at seventeenth street there's a large tree branch that went down in the right two lanes also some Caltrans work getting started early on the Saturday night Caltrans actually this started last night has closed the eastbound one oh five from imperial highway to the four oh five and then on the westbound side of the one of five two left lanes are closed from aviation to the four oh five Lin wood down the one oh five westbound connector to the seven ten is closed and if you're coming off of the south at seven ten the Alondra off ramp is closed good export coming up at eight thirty five I'm Jeff Biggs with more traffic reports more often K. next ten seventy newsradio well things are going to change in the weather department overnight we're going to get a marine layer it moving in not only along the coast but also.

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