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Can you ask for in terms of being able to step up to that? I know exactly what you can ask for. And that's Julia Lloyd. That's not to be unkind to her, but to be fair, I think, especially in the last few games, Jackie young has been really good on her. She's done awesome stuff fighting through screens just being extremely active off the ball and making it really hard for Juul to get any kind of any kind of real stuff going off screens. But Juul still had like probably 8 or 9 shots where she was pretty clean yesterday. Yeah. And she missed more than she. I mean, that's been her entire season. I thought, you know, maybe the last two weeks of the season, it looks like she was turning that around even in that game in Washington too. But it just hasn't been there for her, especially in this series. And honestly, that's the difference here. Like her defense has been really good. She's done a really good job playmaking. It's just the shots. If she's not going to be dual Lloyd making those tough buckets that are pull ups that are mostly open, like an open enough for joule Lloyd, then I just don't know if it's enough for Seattle offensively. That's a lot of why they won game one right there is because she sold up in the fashion industry there's a great point. 100%. And I tell you what, if game three and not go to overtime and Sue bird makes that and they don't make that layup, right? We'd have been talking about Joel Lloyd. Wait a minute talking about Joel Lloyd and the third quarter fourth quarter knocking down shots and taking over, right? And so I absolutely agree with you that she is The X Factor. It's so interesting because this is like a hot take, but I think for people who are going to understand why I'm saying this, like that team can be run through her. I understand why it's Ryan through stewie, right? Like obviously duh. But it can be run through her because you have to be intentional and getting her shots, right? Stewie is going to get shots because she's a workhorse. She's always in the right place, right time. She's a mismatch nightmare for anybody who's in front of her. But Juul, you have to work to get shots. Like, there has to be intention to make sure that she keeps the ball in her hand. And she's getting those looks and getting clean look. She does a very good job of working hard for her looks, right? Her step back three is like unguardable at moments and also mid range stuff. But they have to be intentional about getting her looks. But I will say for Seattle, I think watching that game back, all you go back and look, it's like, yo, we beat ourselves. Like they didn't have enough in overtime, literally enough in the tank to win that game. But to fight back the way that they did and they did it with other people having their moments and picking their spots, but finishing with Joel Lloyd doing what Joel Lloyd can do, like, you walk away like, yeah, that's all we got to do. You know what I'm saying? We just got to do it consistently. But I don't feel like I don't feel like how Connecticut feels in Chicago, Seattle feels to Vegas. I think they definitely feel like, yo, we're fine. You know what I'm saying? Hey, you lose one, and over time, it shouldn't have gotten that far. We got tired at the end. We got lax at the end. That's okay. We can replenish and come back together. But I think you just look and you're like, yo, we beat ourselves, but in the ways that we came back, we're able to fight and get there. It ain't no problem. They didn't have a problem. I definitely see this series going to 5 games. I don't think that Seattle is just going to lay down. I really don't. I think as powerful as Chelsea gray has been, which, to me, I think always in playoff situations in series, it's the point guards. Like it comes down to whose point guard is better. I truly believe every single time every series comes down to whose point guard is better. And that's the reason why the supers, the slots of the world have been in these situations over and over and over again because that is the cue the recipe. But there's just no point guard that's playing better than Chelsea gray right now. And I don't think that she's going to slow down. Even if she slows down, I think her production in terms of getting the ball to people who need to get it. And dishing it off is just going to be just as high to get her team to win. And so and that's obviously not talking about Asia Wilson and what Asia has been doing, right? Like to have 32 or 31, then come back and have 34, even if you travel at the end, like bro, she's killing regardless, you know? I do all this, Chelsea is a great point. The advanced numbers on what she's done in this postseason are just scary. It almost don't believe them. And you would think like her assist numbers are down. They're not down either. But leading lean league and points per play, PER, offensive rating. I mean, she's shooting 62% from three on nearly 66 attempts per game. I don't know

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