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The way. It's actually to towns. Oh, no. Of course, not when I stack up. She's not there. I mean, we're they're unicorns in the closets. Like what was happening? Anyway, she record. It just seems like that's a long time ago for that movie to have come out. I do want to say Rachel cook. When she was on twin cities live was a joy joy. Did we have? Yes. Ibooks right. That's. She felt obligated because you kinda put her in a weird position where she didn't. She would look like a total BIT. She loved it. She loved it. Also, elizabeth. Yeah. Now, I forgot what I was gonna say it was about that movie. And it was about my junior. No. But yeah, I just feel old when you tell me that that movie is that all that just makes me. Oh, I know it was about the about the that mean girl. Yeah. Whatever happened to her kief. Yeah. She's like she was a beautiful young lady. I don't feel her anywhere else. I'm gonna research that just for my own knowledge. Yeah. She's she's been she's in LA still. So she has a lot of stuff. Okay. Good. She was in vampire diaries break. She was on legacies on the CW. Okay. And she's gearing up for pilots. He said, all right. Well, good. She's still working that me working actress, that's the that's the deal duchess. Kate says that Louis little Louis is already a fast crawler. He's nine months old. You know, the the younger the deal, they crawl faster. They've really do. He's already grown up. And she said she was at this this museum and said that she would love to bring her children there in that little nine month old Louis is already a fast crawler and just doing great. I mean, these kids are killed the last place. I would be bringing my children when they were at the crawling age was a museum. We've had expensive works of art. Remember that kid who knocked over that? And then they got one hundred thousand dollar fine. They didn't have to pay that that would have been my family. Yeah. I'm just saying, I know, but I but royals like I get it. They kind of Europeans probably are more. Like, we all go to the museum children are well behaved, and then they get a bag. Yes. And then we don't do that. Like, our kids go to McDonalds play places and just like knock subtle Germany balls from the ball pit and everybody comes. Those. Twenty. Oh, man. Okay. Chris pratt. Is this kind of cute? So, you know, Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger are engaged. And they. It's it's actually acute. There's an interview from a few years ago. We're cash Katherine Schwarzenegger was asked to choose between. Chris pratt. Chris hemsworth. And Chris Evans. Oh. And at the time, she said, Chris Evans, actually, Chris Pratt. Chris Pratt been looking good lately. So you never know Evans for the win. And then now, they're engaged. Let's kind of q I mean. Yeah, it's I'm glad that she ended up picking him. Because otherwise, this story would be very different. I didn't twenty nine. Oh, did you know that Reverend Schwarzenegger? Sounds about right. Twenty nine. Yeah. Yeah. Because remember he wants lots of a betas. Yeah. And she's young and her eggs are fresh, man. I know, but really technically from things. I wanna have.

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