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I'm in the interim it's actually not completely clear whether the education arman is going to continue enforcing every part of these rules until they get the new rules in place on what it probably means is that you if you're a student looking to enroll in a school it's it's it's good to be a little bit more wary you can't just trust that you had the school been uh been failing these these metrics on that they wouldn't be able to access federal money on it so i would say you know exercise more caution and i'm yeah if you're if you're a student who who has been defrauded by your schools it probably is going to be a tougher process to get loan forgiveness but again we don't we don't quite know um because this just happened last week and and we're not exactly sure what shape the new rules will take so help us understand molly hensley clancy uh betsy devos his new education budget i'm reading here plans to cut up to ten billion dollars from federal education ish initiatives is that trio and what will go a home a a lot of stuff will go am i mean basically everything or not everything but a lot of things besides these school choice initiatives that have been sort of betsy devos his pet project on a lot of that is going to be facing so a lot of grant programs will be cut on a lot of uh programs for uh subsidized federal student loans um there's a whole new sort of loan regime that that it's proposing on that will probably be a lot tougher on graduate students in terms of in terms of getting relief and forgiveness for them um and and then yeah and then we have the ten billion dollars cuts and then about a billion dollars that are being added are a reappropriated to school choice initiatives right so talk about that a billion dollars to push public schools to adopt choice friendly policies what does that mean.

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