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A billion is trying to do. But it's a long way from here to there. But it's that's that's an one bit of the equation. I could see might be working. Yeah it's scarcity the close league and i think that's the single biggest influence on all of this. Now it is funny for me to see like mls at one point said we're going to stop at thirty teams that actually they said twenty eight and thirty. Now they're saying thirty two you do wonder how high they go. I can see them going to forty teams and having an mls one in an mls to or even the forty team league with two conferences and eastern west. Like they do now like they're in a much better spot obviously than they were ten fifteen years ago and one thing i have to remind myself. Is that while it seems crazy to me. Mls teams are being valued at eight hundred billion dollars. That's still quite a bit. Less than teams are valued in baseball. Nba nfl even ice hockey. I have to think about it in those terms to write fifa again going to be something that i've shamelessly nicked off wikipedia which is my second research. But there's a lovely. There's a quite we've got just a gawronski by this. So we've got in february twenty eleven while announced a possible bid to become present afifa in the upcoming election to unseat incumbent set blatter but pulled out before the official deadline after failing to an endorsement owner of a football association as a result of walls bid fief amended its presidential nomination process by requiring endorsement of five associations. So just what was going on there. That sounds like a fun afternoon but cup of coffee. Yeah it was fine. Because i remember in early twenty eleven. That was right after. I remember december second twenty. Ten was this hugely historical day for fi. Fi think that was when they awarded the world cup to russia for twenty eighteen and qatar. For twenty twenty two. And i think that was the day that the world saw the people running fee and had maybe suspicions in the past about whether it was clean organization but that was the day that their lack. I no longer have suspicions about this. And and i knew there was an election for the fee for president. Coming up in twenty eleven set ladder was running for reelection and most of the time. This place fever that describes itself as a democracy has only one candidate elections. And i remember talking to a friend of mine gab. Marcatti who's terrific journalist based in the uk. And i asked him. I was like because he and i lived in a house together with a couple of other journalists at the world cup south africa. I remember asking him. Can anyone run for for president. And he looked up the rules and he was like looks like it. All you need is one federation to nominate you..

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