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That next. It's bob and cherry. If you've never listened to the bob and sherry off air podcast called the odd cast, you're gonna want to listen to this one. It's about sherry's lost time. I'm gonna tell you a story. A story that you're going to have a hard time believing, a story that I have been struggling almost my entire adult life to understand a story that will sound crazy and the only thing I can say is every word of it's true and how it happened. The bobbin cherry on cast with sherry's lost time on the free bob and cherry app bob and sherry dot com or wherever you get your podcasts. The bob and sherry website, the oddcast, contest info. Bob and sherry dot com. Who is your best friend? Well, get that person and post a picture of you and your best friend at bob and sherry dot com, and you might win a necklace from Landon lacy jewelry, made in Chicago in her workshop, your choice of a black or a white pearl necklace. It's a necklace a day in May and you're running out of time, so if you haven't done this, you better do it today. Get your best friend that picture, it's on your phone and send it to bob and cherry dot com. We didn't have time and more on some of the news for this story, but we have to bring it to you. Like today's more end of the day, it also happened in Lakeland, Florida. Lakeland, Florida appears to be competing with Port St. Lucie for attention and more on the news. So this is the story of a pregnant woman who was not mclovin, the service she got at McDonald's. We have some sound for you, bob. Good afternoon, everyone. I'm Josh Benson. And I'm Stacy scheibel. Thank you for joining us. A pregnant Lakeland woman is wanted for criminal charges after a ten minute temper tantrum at a McDonald's. Sheriff Grady Judd says after she became enraged with the amount of time her order was taking, she stormed behind the counter and made a mess. Justin schicker is live at that McDonald's in Lakeland to show us video of the outbursts, Justin. Josh and Stacey, good afternoon to you, both this major mc meltdown happened at this McDonald's yesterday evening, the suspect has been identified as 22 year old Tiana Jones. Let's have sheriff Grady Judd explained in his own words why deputies won a book her in the county jail. This is going to be Mick interesting. Look right here. She's a pretty lady. But she was a McMahon. There was no commoner down. She was in a McRae. I don't know if she was like two fries short of a happy meal. Or maybe it was she was short of a happy meal completely. But she created a McMaster. And she acted like a mcnutt. But you know what she ended up burglar. She didn't get her happy meal. Or her sandwich or a chocolate shake, or a sweet tea, but she managed to get herself into a lot of trouble. And we're not going to give her any golden arches, but we are going to give her a pair of silver handcuffs. And you can make money just by helping us find this lady who went crazy for no reason. And there's one thing that you need to understand in Pope county. We don't put up with that Mick junk. And sheriff Judd tells us this McDonald's had to shut down last night for the cleanup and witness interviews with deputies coming up new at 6. We'll play for you some of that angry customers call to 9-1-1. Anyone can help locate Tiana's Joan should call the Polk county sheriff's office or crime stoppers. Live in Polk county, I'm Justin sheker. 8. Bob sat there with his face in his hands for that entire story. That was like a peak moment for that guy. He got to do it all. He got to use every McDonald's joke he did. And he never broke. I'm just wondering how big is that market? How big is that TV market? That was a lot of time to spend. I think that's Tampa got mad at McDonald's. I think that's Tampa, WFL. Is that a big city? That's a big market. The news director evidently knows what's going to attract viewers. Eyeballs these days for local TV news. When the McDonald's employees asked her to leave the videos priceless, we'll post it. When they asked her to leave the McDonald's, I mean, her twerking is amazing. She said, I'm 5 months pregnant. And these people don't know how to run a leap in McDonald's. Listen, when you're 5 months pregnant, anything's possible. You could go completely nuts at any time. She went crazy. She would not leave bob. And instead, and the whole twerking thing was that like ten minutes long where she was like yelling and twerking, that's a long time to twerk. Especially when you're 5 months pregnant, I'm going to just say it I'm a little bit impressed. I really am. It takes. How did the twerking sort of coalesce with the anger? You know, I just don't, I guess the pregnancy must have had something to do with it. I think she was working off some nervous energy, perhaps. I've just never seen that combination before, usually the twerking, you know, at some place that you expect, like in front of the orange juice section at the supermarket. But I've never seen it. Do you know what I said a coupled with anger? Twerking plus pregnant plus rage plus McDonald's, this woman is a legend, seriously. Now, did you notice that that TV station they opened up with something on your side? I'm Brad so and so and I'm Stacy such and such. It was such an ultimate local news little snap. So we'll get this, we'll get her post it. Mama mik torquing at the McDonald's and becoming the Mac burglar, according to the sheriff. Straight to head, we're gonna take you down the rabbit hole. Nicholas cage answering the most Googled questions about Nicolas Cage. It's next. Bob and cherry. Bob and sherry, with the people's movie critic Lamar. You know, it had a little balcony and kids moved up the balcony and they'd get the candy and they'd throw it. At the price of candy today, I hope they're throwing it. Hey, Lamar. For $8 a bag, I eat the M and ms and then I eat the bag. I try to burp up the taste a couple of times. I mean, you know what? If you make us mad, there's no speak to each other in the liquor store. You should have seen us avoiding each other last night. I mean, for me, Bill Murray's life. And he didn't like bacon, okay? I mean, they're both comforting. They trigger wonderful memories, and they both make you feel really, really good. Unless you're a vegan, and let's be honest, the only thing that breaks joy to a vegan is to be able to tell other people they're vegan, okay? That's it. Listen for his reviews, every Friday and get all his reviews at bob and cherry dot com. Hey bob I'm sherry. Hey bob and sherry. Hi, bob and sherry. You may not know that we have an app, although I feel like we constantly scream it at you all the time. If you go to Google Play or the Apple App Store, the bobbin sherry app is absolutely free, and it does all sorts of cool stuff you can listen to our podcast and our podcast that way. You can talk back to the show. You can text to win all sorts of neat stuff. It's just a cool thing and it's absolutely free. It's the bob and sherry app in the App Store and free on Google Play. Thank you so much for listening to the podcast. Bourbon sherry go. The.

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