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West of Abilene, where a storm watches in effect till ten AM. These storms are moving to the northeast there to Jerry takes him north west of the Dallas for their late morning into the early afternoon. But some boundaries may come out of these storms form new cells. And some of these could become severe out in the head of a mainline will be forming from. About four PM to nine PM, and sliding slowly through the area, therefore due to the recent rain in the slow movement and training thunderstorms this afternoon and evening, whether services put much more Texas, a flash flood watch, and please remember, a watch means conditions are favorable, a warning means things are happening. Now, we'll see some mornings before the day is done. Percentages tornado threat at about ten percent across North Texas hail and wind threat. Thirty percent of flooding threat. Well above fifty percent some areas, we'll see over three inches, especially north of the Dallas Fort Worth area, things, improve after midnight, cooler load of it. Sixties tomorrow morning, eighty four for a high with low, humidity Burleson. Good morning, seventy six and so are we with a lot of wind here at KRLD? Live in the Mercedes Benz of plano, newscenter. By the way, you can download the radio dot com app, and listen to us anytime, anywhere. And a very good morning to is now six twelve we'll because of those storms expected tonight, disown his now moved its graduation. Which was supposed to be seasoning indoors. Not everybody's too happy about it. Parents and students upset about these last minute changes to the big graduation day since the venue has limited seating, h graduate will be given six tickets. But some families are saying that's not gonna work. Graduation ceremony is normally held at eagle stadium where as we know there was no limit to the number of family members allowed to attend the DHS administration team said originally secured, an indoor venue for contingency in the event of bad weather, but that particular venue was not available tonight, and that would have caused the district to move the graduation ceremony to Thursday. It will now be held at Mansfield ISD center for the performing arts,.

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