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Mexican nationally budding or soda i think he had been humble have to realize who you what you have maybe if you have the best players in the world you can do more you not necessarily have the best players you do not have in plain in the best teams not playing that much so you can't push too far because it's going to break he pushed it too far against chile broke and when you say push it too far to you mean trying to go out and attack certain team who aggressive too aggressive when we talked to him today's ago he says you know now we're going to be the aggressive show career that we're better than but there's a balance to that right there so balance but against germany you had to have some precautions what do i see i told them the days like if you pay attention what you see what you work you get an idea what it's going to do yes open like surprisingly just pay attention yet he talks he gives you a lot where we've mentioned this he has certain tendencies it should be no surprise that he does things to this point what i think he will do thinking he has to have wings that are not necessarily faster there have to be more technical more online get it data it's got to be daring one on one dollars one on be able to get out of things so we've been talking with my partner creditable to get the what do i see i see your chore arrogant i might eliminate agains really because he's very going up now i it's not about it that way let's see if he wants to give memo all the confidence or elevator for that game because you know how he is might be bring alleges for the game bit dot did not have a good run with deluca in the playoffs playoffs but he did have a good run with lookout when he got back yonder bit but the last two games against a goalie in a world we just had a great audio let's go past tendencies what he sees sweden is going to be very good sappy says sally and we gotta go up we've gotta go go go get it can be waiting maybe he'll do it but let's go back to korea i see more than with the second changes centreback centrebacks as a right back who's edson lie you lie union guy yadda leftback the two midfielders are chacha hector w h in yeah he's not moving those then you insert modify began as a false nine the playmaker playmaker he has a very good mid shooting long distance shot yes you you move bela to the right side also so he's gonna play matico and got he won't take bella for sure you move to the right side you'll leave chucky on the left and you start to i could bet a buck that the brush scipio peralta will see some kind of but you just you just told us that he needs players that sounds like that's green stick at to me bought yes and juki speed vertical how about the x factor coming off the bench and then there's another into the willy wonka way of you need to have seventy two hours to recover it just happens there's enough time between sunday and saturday for this seventy two hours so when you're making the mix of the chocolate in the willy wonka chocolate factory it tells you that you can use the same mix again because it's seventy two hours has wrecked things like that but this is i'm sure gatos saudi on his coaching staff and maxine ashley employers this is a must win game for them of course and they want to go to some petersburg i i did a story in the week with we want to go to saint petersburg you gotta follow sandra milagro on instagram he's under his wife this little moxie mall favorite player is not on this is even do the hashtag says maximal mutuel gabon i couldn't call him cab on the mother puts that on how the yeah in she was saying you know four years ago the whites had.

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