Trump Tower, Washington, EPA discussed on Background Briefing


They truly believe this that they were tapping phones that in trump tower and the rest of it and these people need to be rooted out a lot of this money is privatised starting this stuff people in texas uh want to start a different you know a a parallel intelligence agency and there's certainly a lot in a lot out there air about uh these people working with very toxin other domestic groups companies going after the you know the environmental protection agency changing vocabulary at the center for disease control things like this that are are looking at this up that truly want to this i call the low rolling coup against washington and the fact that so many people are leprince this leaving the state department leaving epa uh it's successful so far and then you you get the judiciary um and going after the fbi and the department of justice is all part of this two two of the main guys looking into russian hacking bruce or in weissman andrew weissman are are on the the way out of the department of justice are going to be moved into jobs where they don't they have no substantive work to do simply because they were looking at this objectively neither of them are you know political animals they are not part of the deep state they want to find out if the espionage occurred with trump and they're getting fired and you're gonna see the same thing uh the the fbi beat down i can't say who's gonna win this struggle but this is the intent and they've got six more years to refashion washington toward a hard right view of things and if say it as an apparently is the case if they're iq prints and john mcguire the former cia officer have already along with all the north already have this foreign intelligence operation going it's logical to conclude and you've just pointed out that sosa realistic that they also have a domestic intelligence alternative to the fbi if you will but going back to the possibility of firing rubber mullah if it as an oranje happened do you think that the resulting protests many people see it as a constitutional crisis would that be a good opportunity to have a nice little proxy war against iran well let's see here with on on mall.

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