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I had this Email here was it. An Email of interest with TD is. Meal of interest. And that now it's an updated Email of interest. It was a rather negative Email of interest. When we received it last year. Ooh. On December sixteenth. Lou que. Did we read it? Then my familiar. Okay. You'll probably remember it. All right. Well, then. Followup Email address. At the time. It was from Joe Magnusson in it read. Yes. Oh, you do. Remember the name, Jillian. Can you guys? Find a different way to give away your morning prize. I don't like being up so early in the morning, just like the three of you have said, I don't care at all three words that idiots wanna call the radio station with you guys are just using the segment as a crutch delivered the news every segments. We we. We had problems with that crutch yon, we exactly as was so so it was it was agreed among the three of us that I would try and get some more information, please. Oh, okay. And I said, okay, Joe, we read your E mail on the air. We all agree. We need more information. We need you to elaborate on exactly what you don't care for early in the morning, and what you want us to do. Instead of the three words you don't care for. So let us know, please. And we'll try to help. Well, Joe got good, right? Sorry. About the negative Email. I was up too late drinking. Ooh..

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