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And if you get a chance send them a tweet tweet at the Trinity Audio you can tweet at them at the Trinity Audio and thank them for supporting independent media like the voice podcast all right now for some insights mind from the commentary of people like Adam Chair Cathy Pearl Brad Abrams. David's Bisky Liza Foulkes V._J.. Balasubramaniam Ron Krone and many many more. Let's get started okay voiced by nation. We have a special episode for you today. We are reviewing the first one hundred podcast episodes of the voice about podcast. I know many of you joined recently. Let's say within the last year and you've not had a chance to listen to all of the episodes episodes so I have three guests here that have listened to a lot of them. I won't say they've listened to all them. Maybe pizzas and all of them but I I don't think anybody is listened to all of them but they've listened to a lot of them almost all of them and they're I'm GonNa tell you some of their favorites some of the things that they took away and then allow you some of you will be able to skip over because you'll get the main point others. You'll say oh that's a topic I wanna go much deeper on so my guest today our first up Dave Steve Kemp Dave. Can you introduce yourself to the voice about audience. Yeah absolutely thanks for having me on Brett <hes> so like you said my name's Dave Camp on the business development manager at ultra products. We are a distributor of Clinical Oh supplies in assistive listening devices to the hearing healthcare professional <hes> so that's my day to day job and then I got real immersed into this space the whole voice space and started a blog called future ear fugier dot co <hes>. I'm started to write a little bit about what's going on in the voice base how it impacts the in the year device computers that are starting to kind of emerge herbals <hes> wrote some articles for you over at voice about as well so really excited to a chat about all things always spot today great. Yes I think we have maybe a half dozen here. ables articles from you and those are very popular. It is a topic that people really care about is tightly integrated with the way we think of voice and mobility going forward. Take a next up. We have amy stapleton. Amy Is not new to the PODCAST. She was with us back. In episode eighty four. I think <hes> amy introduce yourself place to the listeners or reintroduce yourself.

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