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Yeah. A fraud examiner big dive deep into fraud. Man. Can't you can't plan? This. No. But it's it's true there in every industry of every every company of every size. You're going to find people who will still from you. And that's the message that I that. I'm here to advocate that I'm partnering with amazing people peers and colleagues like you is that if we just talk about it, we can grow that expansion. We can let people know and this could happen in my business. You know, just a week or two guys talking with a company doing some consulting work. They small firm that never heard of the term business Email compromise. Now, I know your listeners or smart, they know what BTC is. But we talk through it. We found exactly what had happened. They had Email compromise that another Email set up as an auto forward and the bad guy took took advantage of that learned exactly when payroll Wednesday was and right before payroll Wednesday said, hey, boss, I need you to change the account number route all the payroll of this number eight thousand dollars later, they down that's all. So that's just one of things. You're right though. I am passionate about. Not taking the standard training approach to get continue education. It should be fun. You're, you know, you're absolutely right now, I was really listening hard at what you're saying about, you know, people that have former law enforcement experience me included. But you know, you're I've been in this line of work for a long time. If you don't stay current, if you don't eve, all of your mindset in really get ahead of the bad guys who education and training going to conferences networking in partnering and breaking down silos and trying to learn as much as you can you're you're gonna be left behind, you know, and the other point you have which I really really like is that you don't have to be a former investigator law enforcement military, whatever to to really do this work. And now we're talking about situational skills and critical thinking and really being able to understand suspicious transactions of its online and really having that mindset to identify trends in commonalities in how they integrate or subjugate your operational processes that are causing the law. So it's a rounded mindset and background. To do this job you do and you know beyond not being complacent and beyond always wind to grow. And learn you do have to have that mindset of really wanting to dig in. There's been very little fraud that I've found or I've ever detected by just getting lucky. I mean, it does happen to it. I'm sure over your career. There have been those cases like the one that you mentioned the gecko like law enforcement got real lucky that the. Yeah. Yeah. They decided to but dial and give their exact triangulating position of where they are. It does happen. But my experience it's few and far between you really have to be willing to ask why right dig into into not form your own theory and just go for it. But really be objective independent in in that thinking, so that, you know, you don't just become bias. And here's exactly what happened. And usually when that happens you end up being wrong. That's exactly right. The in. I'm still old school taught by some of my mentors long ago. But the easy way out is is follow the obvious evidence. Follow the obvious Bagai who committed this particular crime. That's the easy way out the Hardaway and sometimes in the in more rewarding way is you just follow the trail of evidence. Illit take you no matter where it takes you. And sometimes it takes you directions, as you know to places you never been before. So that suspect you thought of at I was your target is not even close 'cause you. Did the honest thing by following the the evidence Illit take you wherever it may go. Yeah. You know, there was a number years ago. I was overseas doing an investigation. We thought technically we could prove how what was occurring was occurring. And this was a big fraud. Definitely in the millions. And the fact is the technology couldn't prove it. But it came down to honing in on the right people to ask the right questions to add something that should have been way early on just got skipped and put too much emphasis. We put too much emphasis on letting technology. Prove how happened talk about going old school man, we we pulled out a conference room. And we started interviewing it was the interviewing that we then Raval to find who was actually allegedly, but then proven to have committed the fraud. And so yeah, you like I love what you're saying. You have to really just chase it and follow it. And that's my experience that's been the where you get the best results. Yes. Far

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