Hingis, America discussed on The Dana Show


Whatever the reason just to buy that sam at your new car whatever it is and you're waiting and waiting and then somebody walks up to the front of the line takes takes what you are about to buy hingis starts consuming it driving the car eating within which smoking a cigarette whatever it is then has the audacity to turn to the person they stole it from and say i demand you give me an unlimited supply of this and if you don't you're a racist that's what they're doing it's not even it's not an insult to of me an american citizen that they would do this a little bit mainly the it's an injury it's an injury because you hurt the economy regardless of what the pro amnesty people say if the drag on the economy you have stolen goods and services because children get educated on our dime it's injury because we don't know who you are and you could have nefarious purposes you could be or into various intent you could be a terrorist injury but the to insult is the people who've been standing in line the people who've been waiting and waiting thought average the person who emigrates to america spends when it comes to.

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