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That's so yeah. Or at least bigfoot enthusiasts familiar with the folklore and oh you never know reasonable pop up next so cool so cool and maria sent me not one but three photos of the sasquatch cut out in different locations so a huge thank you to maria at swr. I for not only responding to my email taking time out of your day but also sending me three different pictures. Thank you thank you thank you. You can see these right now on our instagram. I posted a couple of days ago. I will post the rest before this episode goes live and you can also follow the southwest research institute on instagram. See what they're up to got a cool pretty neat. I was so excited when this happened. I was like yes. It's just cool. Very very very neat made me feel very legitimate. now tragically and i mean tragically. Slick died in october of nineteen sixty two in a plane crash while returning from a hunting trip in canada. And this was a private plan sir. How many famous people have we lost. Private plane crashes so many some. Jfk's son right. The big bopper buddy. Holly those are the only ones i can think of can you. Are there any others that you can think of kobe bryant. That was yeah. that was recent. That was a helicopter but saint concept. Fly commercial folks. I think that's the lesson of this episode fly commercial. You know or don't fly. In fact i would rather just take a train everywhere i go. I like trains the romantic. If this podcasting shit ever takes off and we strike it rich we're going to buy a railroad previously now. I don't think so. Okay well i feel really good about it. That's what sorry. I don't know that's cool. I was like you can be like the character from wild west. What's his name. The bad guy i forgot. Yeah kenneth brown. I can't remember the characters name on his special train special train and then i would have a robot spider and then we'll smith would defeat me so i guess i've got the rest of my life figured out all right anyway Specifically slick passed away on october. Sixth of nineteen sixty two at the age of forty six. Do you remember why forty six is a significant number of it. His debt died yes. His father died at the same age. Thomas baker slick senior thomas baker slick junior both passed away at the age of forty six. I could not find details as to his father's death whether it was an accident or natural causes. I'm sure it's out there somewhere. But i i read quite a few articles and i couldn't i couldn't find it If anyone knows how. Tom slick senior died. I'm actually very eager to find that out. Please let me know. And here's another little weird synchronicity. I started doing research on tom. Slicks birth and death on october sixth of this year not knowing any of this already exactly fifty nine years to the day interesting isn't it and that was actually the moment where i was like..

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