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That the music had a special relationship to especially of communicating the current state of affairs in a certain way of sort of american lights in really in a really deep and broad way Even though it's always kind of you know primarily identify with black with african american experience which you know one of the things that was really interesting right. And i wonder if you if you kind of had similar feelings about this. 'cause you yourself are also you know hip hop scholar at tastic goodbuy hip hop and i'm also someone right. Who comes in the wake of a candidate generation. Not just not just a music right. But thinking about the music and theorizing about the music whether they be prophets of the hood. I mean there's a whole literature on been thinking about it. But i also as i was kind of to write for the public beginning to do this kind of credit. Criticisms are that was also a moment when the music was was right in in a way that was perceptible and people began to talk about this thing that we all track trap music and part of me. What was curious about. What's the difference like what's different about. What's going on now. Relative to what was going on when i was coming up in the nineties and early two thousands so coming up in the nineties i was somebody who was a fan of nozzle jay z of all all kind of the greats of that era and so i found myself having this of awkward situation. Where when the music started to change in the mid twenty teens wanna call it that in an trap music became dominant dominant. Future became a huge superstar. I found myself in this position of awkwardly sounding like the people. I didn't sound like the people. I used to make fun of In sort of my parents generation said oh what is. This is no lyrical. Subtlety like we had this mumble core. Reactionary reaction to the music and then that force me savior. Whoa whoa why. Why let me not fall into that trap. Right lemme not just reflexively be this person. Who's kind of crotchety and judging this music and let me actually try to set. I spent it took me two years to write this essay notes on track. And i spent that time delving into you cut of trying to critically think about the music listening music but also really learn as much as i could about this younger generation of artists. That was making the music and a lot of what happened. Was you know it was not that it necessarily moved me to sort of quote unquote endorse music. It's not it's not that. I'm a cheerleader. For trap music there are all kinds of problematic or things about the about it or about the content or want to think about that. But i'm not interested in judging it i'm interested in trying to think about what it is trying to say. And what that tells us about our world right in about our society. I really came away from that. Listening changed and i. And i really changed how i regarded that music and a lot of ways also got me so appreciate it into like it in new ways and so now. This is the kind of thing where i'm really interested in trying to move away from some of the superficial ways we sometimes engage with these things and better questions. We can ask of these things. What makes for better question..

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