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Trade and services chemicals, pharmaceuticals, medical products, as well as soybeans. Soy beans, the big deal, and the European Union is going to start almost immediately to buy a lot of soybeans, tremendous market by a lot of soybeans from our farmers in the midwest primarily. So I thank you for that. John slowed. This will open markets for farmers and workers increase investment and lead to greater prosperity in both the United States and the European Union. It will also make trade fairer and more reciprocal. My favorite word reciprocal. Reciprocal because you know what's happening here. And by the way, he's emphasizing the soybeans because the farmers are really suffering because the Chinese are striking back against the tariffs that we've that Trump imposed on them. The Chinese are striking back against the farmers and the Chinese. They're no dummies. They know where his supporters are and they're going after his supporters. But what's happening here is after World War Two. I mean, that's how far back this is going after World War Two. The world was in ruins except for us. The repeal in Union Japan ashes gone, right. And so when you talk about the fifties and how prosperous we were one of the reasons we were so prosperous here. Elizabeth Warren heard her saying the other day we used to have these high taxes and that was our most prosperous time. Yep, because all the competition had been leveled to dust. I mean, when I say that, I mean literally to dust their civilizations were gone, and so you're not competing with Germany because journey an ashes, you're not competing with Britain because they're putting themselves back. The other way we went. And made them brought them back. We wanted a world that was a working world went back and rebuilt. Japan. We rebuild Germany, we and we did it partially with the lent lonely things where we gave them the Marshall plan where we helped them out. But the other thing we did was we gave them big breaks on trade and they're still in place. An all Trump is doing saying, you know what? World War Two is kind of over. You know, it's like it's been a while. It's been a couple of days since World War Two ended. It's time to reduce the stuff. So yesterday, Bret Baier had Wilbur Ross, the commerce secretary. He's obviously the guy in charge of this on and he explained why this deal, even though it's just an agreement to talk, it isn't agreement to get to a certain place. And Wilbur Ross explains why this is a big deal. This is the first one to cut one. I think there's several very significant aspects though. No preconditions to the negotiations, no requirement that we drop any of the two thirty. Two tariffs just to get talks. To going as you know that had been an original, he you request that came very prepared to do business. We came prepared to do business, and I think this really breaks the ground because it has Nell set the parameters. Everything is on the table here I'm talking zero tariffs, possibly right. President made clear at the g seven. Although as you remember, nobody paid any attention that his endgame is zero tariffs, zero non-trade, non-tariff trade barriers, zero subsidies, and zero barriers to our market access. So for big zeros that so that's that's a big deal. You know, that's that's what they're winnings. When you come to the table without conditions, he come to the table looking for these zero tariffs and and Ross points out there that this is what Trump said. He said, this is the deal I want. And when they cover Trump, they do not pay attention to this and we'll. Get into this incredible conflict that Mike Pompeo had with the Senate yesterday, just just saying to them, you, you keep paying attention to Trump things Trump says in the midst of negotiation, but you're not paying attention to where he wants to go and what the policies reflect what they say and their senators. Keep saying we'll play some of those. It's amazing audio. The senators can say, well, he said this and he's this pump keep saying, Yup. And his policies say this. I just wanna play one more cutter. Wilbur Ross. I know it's a little bit in the deep weeds, but I did ask this question yesterday. Why when Trump says I am buying time with, for instance, bailing out the farmers. I said, well, why doesn't China just say, oh, well, we can outweigh wait him. We can outweighed him..

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