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Gonna throw a lobster fork ball. I'm gonna throw a trick pitch, okay? You know, And so you know, you know what a lobster fork Wallace? I do not. I kind of made it up. Okay, So so it's a fork. Alright? Don't know. Forkball is it's a forkball. Okay, but I called it a lobster fork ball Because it it sounded funnier to me And so, uh, sponsorship on that huge, huge crowd. Go out there get a nice introduction. And then bounced it in the dirt and the catcher. I forget who the catcher was, I think was maybe curtain man wearing not Henry Blanco. Could have been him. Uh, were you at the game when I wasn't there, and the entire stadium booed me. Oh, wow. And it didn't feel good. I gotta tell, you know, even though I was doing it as a joke, right? It's still It's kind of messes with you. Yeah, yeah, like 50,000. If you don't know what it's like to be booed by 50,000 people. Most people don't Yeah, I just like it's not good. There's no volume on Twitter. So when 50,000 people boo me every day like No, you wouldn't know. Right? I can just turn off Twitter and I was like wanting to say, Hey, you guys don't get it. This is this was a joke, right? Sure it was, but I was happened. That's what I could throw better than this. I swear to God. You know, as I'm walking off the field like this was a joke. Yeah. Maybe you didn't listen to the show, right? And I don't recommend it. OK, dollars. There's like some part of me. That really wasn't just blaze the heat right down right down the pipe and throw a strike. You know, when I say the heat, it'll be like 40 Miles an hour, But and then you know, there's a part of me that wants the viral moment. You know the Carly Rae Jepson, where I throw it right into, you know, or the Mariah Carey were 50 Cent or throws it, you know? Way off about the Anthony Fauci. I can see his. That one was a bad one of the worst. But nobody was in the stands. No lucky for him. No one could boo here. No, he didn't get booed. There was like three people in the stands. Oh, man. He's got to throw it better than Dr Fauci, who is the one that beat the camera man? Is that my Carrie? Who was that? Yes. Somebody being the camera. Those cameras halfway between the plate in the mouth. You're right. I wish I could remember who was President Obama had a bad one, too. Yeah. Looks like you've never thrown a ball in his life, which is probably how Ryan's gotta look. Yeah, it's in my face. Right now. You're already cringing texture from the 72. Oh, said 80,000 plus at Mile high. Wow, Rockies games back then that's that's it. It might have been 80,000 people that booed me. Yeah. So I got that going for me. By the way. It was a Chicago White Sox employee of the month. Who hit a cameraman who was standing about Oh 15 ft to the left of home plate. That was a woman, right? Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Yeah, I saw that video, the camera man halfway between the plate and the amount of like 15 ft. Off to the left. And just being the camp 12. Worst pictures of all time I on the list. Um, let's look number two lobster forkball, fluid. Radio personality. Denver. Colorado. Yes, Willis is number 12. Really? Bruce? Yes, Snoop Dogg is number 11. Michael Jordan is number 10 Michael Jordan Lee must have been joking around to be played. Played. Baseball. Baba Booey is number nine Miss Texas is number eight Miss Texas, Texas John Wall. Is number seven. Really bad? Great. Uh, Carly Rae Jepson, Number six. That's the one she bounced on the mound right in front of her Miss Texas. 2014 number five. So to Miss Texas, Texas. Jordan Lee Andriy. I don't know. That is Don't know. I don't know who that is, Uh, I on the list. Carl Lewis? Yeah. The Carl Lewis when I remember. Wait, wait. Carl Lewis? Yeah, He messed up the national anthem anti messed up, though he completely butchered the national and and he also through one of the worst s first pitches in history. Yeah. 50 Cent number two. Yeah, that was pretty bad Tails. And Mark Mallory number one. Which one was that? Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory. What do you do? Says it was a dribbler. Alright. Uh well what? What? What's the date of this? Article. Um, let's see. Let me love because they probably missed some other 2019. Okay? Yeah. 2020. All we had was Fauci you, but he didn't make the list. He did not make the list when this is may 16 2019. Okay, I would have been before he threw. So Yeah. Yeah. No, I'm rooting for right. Like, you know, you know me prankster me is going to mess is going to mess with him the whole time. So yes, Ryan is Brian's probably listening. It probably is, actually, I'm surprised. I've got a text. Probably crying right now. Sit in the car. Yeah, right now. It's like, why are you so mean to me, Ryan? I would practice. Yeah, if I was you. It's not. It's not 90 ft. How far 60 Ft six inches? Yeah. 66. Okay. Uh, yeah, I would practice and by the way, I don't think they're going to let you up on the mound either. That's another thing, So it's actually going to be shorter than that, right. You'd be in front of the mound will be in front of the mouth, So yeah, you're probably going to have to throw the ball 50 ft. Meanwhile, I've got him out there throwing his arm out. He's gonna get Tommy John surgery. Terra's rotating, You'll be able to throw by the time he has to actually do it. Oh, no. So practice Ryan and just Don't do any. Just don't try to be funny right with it. Don't you just go out there and nail it. Yeah, That was my biggest mistake. Just just throw the ball to the catcher. He's going to put a montage of great first pitches together like that George W. Bush when he threw the strike, you know that 9 11 was gonna put like a montage of that. That this one right set to Rocky and then put that in there for like, motivational stuff for him. So that was one of the best ones Just because it was right after 9 11 just we needed that as a country at that point. I forgot about that way. He put it right down the public. He played baseball in college. I didn't know that. He played baseball in college. Whole family was like good baseball players. I knew he owned the work for you or something. Didn't he owned the Texas Rangers? Our president, he was like owned and president of the Rangers. I thought Bush I thought he was just a partier in college. I thought he played basically was a cheerleader could have been wrong. That could have been right to I never heard that he played college baseball, but he you know what that was One of the greatest first pitchers ever gives me goose bumps. Still thinking about it, and Ryan, you're going to be right after the President Bush post 9 11 1st pitch right? Not to put any pressure on you. But, yeah, you're going to be ranked right up there. Just behind that one. He played baseball. Excuse me in high school. It was recruited but never never played..

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