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Right now the MVP of the league. If you're going to make the argument for him, here's how you make it. He hasn't had Davante Adams. And look who he's thrown into. Now. Yeah, he does have Aaron Jones. But if you want to, and I think it's a two team or a two player race right now, it's Rodgers and Wilson and I've been leading the charge before the season even started for Russell Wilson. The way you make that argument for on Rogers is just who is he throwing the football too? Right now? Was at least Ross says. Dickie Metcalfe and Tyler Lockett, who Are not the greatest wide receivers in the league, but they're in the top three top four conversation of receiving duos when you look at all the receiving does in the National Football League. Side probably still go. Russell Wilson. Up until last night. I would have said yet Ross Ross Ross, look out. He's just being so dangerous on the field and and look what he's doing Last night, though, I think Ann Rogers jumped right into that conversation. And not that you forgot how good he was. But the last year with the stats not being as great and then the injury before that. I think some people really started to doubt Aaron Rodgers and after last night If they lose this year. I think it's clear it's not gonna be because of his fault. I really do believe that so who's the M V P to the first four games of the National Football League season? That's the poll question. Today. You could find it at secular that CBS Sports radio early returns right now. 6.7% say other 22.7% say. Josh Allen 22.7% also say Aaron Rodgers and then have 48%. You have Russell Wilson and the lead and I would still go Russell Wilson, but Aaron Rodgers is going to make this a really fun race all throughout the season. Our only a quarter of the way through got three more quarters to go. So you never know who could distance himself from that group of three or who could enter.

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