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W. dot fate mag dot com are they happen to be on Facebook they can literally type into the search bar the search Facebook bar the best of fate magazine and hit search and we'll take a right to our site where we have things about we have a entry for every book we've done so far and wide as each new book is issued will be senior to fate and if they want to you know get a good taste every once in a while we were on one of the articles from one of these books free yeah posted to the site they go there are probably fine does three or four or five articles already posted to the site that I believe like Stephen King they will find fascinating fabulous thank you so much for sharing your behind the scenes insight to the cosmic reporter named fate the world's first paranormal magazine to explore the mysteries of the universe thank you Cheryl it was great to be on fascinating Cheryl yes yes it is a racial stories never did get older they George not at all and I've got an idea by the way why don't you approach a gene and ask if they would like to do maybe a monthly little segment force on coast to coast we can call it you know the fate magazine moments or something like that that would be fabulous yes night with some great stories good good story ideas and things like that story arc in life what with cash on tonight is just a tiny tiny tiny tidbit of what they have done and covered as you know and I think it's fabulous as they are evolving with the times keeping up with what's happening in our digital world now we're going to audio and and hopefully they'll be around a long time to come what is so amazing I think their timing was right when they began we were talking.

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