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And that's where we made a lot of the connections to what current present-day is. And we're some of our origins came from for those characters in the storytelling in the layouts here at some of the most giants, I mean, the architects of. Of the marvel style they established, you know, back in the day just doing on non superhero staff and all these cool comics. Yeah, it's really neat. So we're gonna talk about two issues of tales of suspense and two issues of tales to astonish because part of the decision that I came to picking these. And then, you know, we agreed upon was that trip told we don't have a tone of nineteen fifties comics available on marvel unlimited and part of the remit of twin? You are see is that a reading club is something that we wanna make sure everybody can be a part of. 'cause so easy to subscribe tomorrow and limited to get in there to read the comics. So we always only pick books you can see on marvel unlimited. So I was going through the list, I thought these would be neat to discuss together. Then we're going to get to some questions and comments. You guys have sent in via hashtag Twitter see later on the show before we get into things quickly. I wanna mention that there's a companion piece to this. And that's our fifties episode of Marvel's the police in which took Marcus, and I discuss a wide array of books from war titles too. The superhero, the attempted superhero revival to mystery and horror stuff. So with that in mind, let's get to them tales first things I wanted to mention both. These tales books tales of suspense tales to astonish along with the book called strange worlds, which we do not have on marvel limited which out, unfortunately, strange worlds, all three of these came out September second nineteen fifty eight the month prior to that August of fifty eight we released, no comics. Wow. Yeah. It's real weird. There'd been a downturn for comics for about a year. Lots of finagling of the line direction had shrank very small certain point to something like six or eight books per month. No books, and then we get into September of fifty eight. And I look at these three books the two tales books and strange worlds as the Mark of a major shift for marvel. So you could say it was almost a fresh start. Oh, one with some new number one. Could say that also the talents in these books is wild. So murderers row. I mean, we'll get into it. But I mean from heck to Kirby to Dicko Boucetta Burgo. So we talked about asked episode. I mean mazing tells of suspense number one has five short comic stories and a two page pro story, they are mostly suspenseful Sifi tales few in the future. If you with aliens few with themes and lessons, solid B-movie twilight ease Oni affairs. What's interesting is like when we get into a lot of these comics, there's no writer credits. Like, there's no right or given. I can often find the artists on a book whether it's by site by small signature like dick signs bourbon caught a couple co-signature. Yeah. Some others, but we have ways to to get these writers can't tell I'm Suming. Some of these are probably stand assuming you know, could be the artists themselves. I think probably the dick coinc- a lot of it. He did the heavy lifting himself on most of they feel like it too. Like his his kind of philosophy on life. And you know, a lot of the beliefs that he held you come through. And so many of the stories that we read through these four issues. Totally well, we're talking about the artist I want to get into this four tales of suspense first artist Al Williamson, which was he's Colombian American like me, which I had no idea about I was doing some research on them. I thought that was super cool. He worked with Frank Zappa. Wally wood did tons of work for EC comics, tons of atlas work on western Warren, sci-fi just all around flash, Gordon, Star Wars and later on. He would be known as one of the guys who really elevated what it meant to be a great inker, which is really neat. And you know, he went from so many of the classic Sifi tales and some of these two working on Star Wars, which is, you know, appropriate as well because he was able to bring with his inking, you know, that sense of space and not just like the new show..

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