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Six pm ministers will pray and distribute crosses to everyone who drives up to the south entrance of the church located on twelve mile road. Just so busy to parents are working these days this way of making Heim of prayer time of looking to God at high renewal easier. For people is the church's job. We're supposed to stand up in inspire people to be grateful to reach into their deepest selves to love and be loved. And that's what we are trying to do when we offer our friend driveway for prayer. That's. Very Reverend Chris ya rector at Saint David's Detroit's future a hot topic at the pancakes and politics counts this morning downtown. We get more live and local from WW. Jay's city beat reporter. Vicki thomas. Good morning. Vicky. Yeah. Good morning, Tom. We are here at the DAC for pancakes and politics forum number two of the season. And the theme this morning is of you from the top regional leaders discuss Detroit's future. The panel includes Tanya Allen of the skillman foundation, Gary Torgau of Chemical Bank, which is of course, building its new headquarters here in downtown Detroit. We also have David Lewis of AT and T Michigan and Rick divorce of PNC Bank. So it should be a pretty interesting discussion here this morning reporting live and local in downtown Detroit. Vicki Thomas, WW, Jane, NewsRadio nine fifty w j news time seven thirty five. Federal prosecutors have charged sixty medical.

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