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Hello and welcome to a. Lights camera upkeep the podcast filmmaking pop culture and anything else you wanna throw into the mix. i'm corbin and as always i'm joined by will we didn't have a good way to segue into that because of this week's topic i think it's the most anything else topic we've done so far We decided yacht. With how the world's been recently there's always the subtext of politics in in what we talk about like. You could probably guess our political views pretty easily listening to this podcast but this week. We're just going to go all in and you know era grievances. Celebrate the things we like and talk talk politics next week to discuss religions that we break all the dinner rules. I don't think we should do the religion on no. I actually don't think we should radically afl people so i guess just be warned. This episode is going to be very very politics heavy If you don't like that next week we'll be back to normal. If you're used to that. I hope you enjoy So i wanted to talk about the role that parodying comedy place in politics. Because i think this is especially important for us to talk about as primarily comedic podcasters. Talking to political issues. Us talking about satire will be our introduction. Second disclaimer of that. We're gonna be making a lot of jokes today and we understand that. These jokes have to be carefully navigated But humor is a coping mechanism Please understand that. That's how i've dealt with many of the harshest things in my life is by making jokes and satire and political comedy has always been a tool for the underdog and for the people who aren't in power and allows them to take a shot at into criticize people who are in charge. I think one of the most forgotten rules of comedy. Also one of the important role punk rock punch-up always punch up. So you should be sizing those above you not those equal and below. Which you know. I don't think i'm very high on any social political ladder. So i have a lot of up to punch yes. We have our default and luckily we're not punching down because we're not terrible people like our default punch-up is criticizing greg. Weisman like all the time making fun of him. Like don't you dare say. The greg weisman is up financially financially. Actually we don't know he can have a dinosaur bone addiction as well. Anyone more people have read his books. No matter how terrible than have listened to our podcast. That's true that's true. You got that. Got that assign honest greg. But he's also like twice our age. Yeah give it time. Greg demos not making fun of the social contract. Say that we're not allowed to anymore no pun. We're making an exception for greg. Awful thing right just like that director. He just had his acceptance speech making who is he. I liked it. You're dreaming big there. Well.

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