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From Cape ST Claire toward the Eastern Shore with three lanes open across the Chesapeake Bay eastbound on 50 westbound. No delays. Dave Building W T o P Traffic Storm team for four day forecast. Now as we go To the weekend. Here's Mike Stanford can't rule out an isolated shower or thunderstorm over the next several hours. Any activity that pops up ends by midnight, most of state rain free after midnight's a patchy fog bellows upper sixties to bid seventies Saturday will be a partly sunny, muggy day with the risk of late date eating stores, which could be severe eyes be in the mid to upper eighties. Apparently study harder. McGee on Sunday a high near 90 Only a slight chance of a storm breezy with showers and infant storms on Monday, the rank of the heavy at times highs loaded mid eighties will stay unsettled. On Tuesday. I'm stumped for meteorologist by Stanford and right now we do have a couple of showers in the region, particularly around Frederick is you head down to 17 along the I 70 corridor, you'll run into some stuff there. If you're on 95 north in Baltimore, you'll run into some activity. Otherwise, maybe pop up lights, rain here and there were sitting at 79 degrees in northwest DC 6 40 on double d T. O P. And now to the case involving the late Jeffrey Epstein, a New York judge as unsealed court documents pertaining to Epstein's ex girlfriend, Dillane Maxwell, who's charged with sex trafficking. The documents included 2015 email from Jeffrey Epstein, assuring Maxwell that she had done nothing wrong. This is from a civil court battle that was settled between Maxwell and one of the women who accused her and Epstein of sexual abuse. Is also a deposition from the woman describing abuse and errors she made in re telling her story, but other documents are on hold..

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