Mel Torme, Donald Fagen, Steely Dan discussed on The Saturday Show


We'll Mel Torme there was a period when he was picking up a lot of sixties kind of sunshine pop flavored things and he took some ribbing for it but I love the way he caught on to the first solo album in nineteen eighty three I think it was eighty two or eighty three by Donald Fagen of Steely Dan and the song he created for it called walk between raindrops Mel Torme Fred Astaire and the great original record of Irving Berlin's cheek to cheek top hat love those movies that always brings a smile it's one of those late night ones that comes on and I simply can never turn it off and now the great Embraceable you let's hug it virtually as we socially distance but allow Judy Collins to get cozy hi I don't need you for to I feel anxious I don't need your portrait hi the C. No shoes I a page there from the Tom Waits songbook we think of all fifty five and looking for the heart of Saturday night San Diego serenade but there is also the ingenuous.

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