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Those two players I do think are in kind of their own tier. I think that Washington is going to take one of those two players in Indiana is going to take the other one and then it's really there's a lot of question marks moving forward for me after that. I really don't think that anybody else is going to break into those top two spots outside of Howard and Smith. Now, Shakira Austin got eliminated from the she got eliminated from the tournament early and was upset. Well, not upset, but all miss lost first round. And so we didn't really see a ton of Shakira Austin in March. They didn't go super deep in the SEC tournament either. I think there's a lot of question marks around Shakira Austin, but I think that she has a high ceiling. I think she's a high risk high reward type of player. And I think that she's got she could be somebody very, very good if she gets developed properly. I don't think that she's ready to pop in and be a starter in the WNBA franchise. However, Atlanta needs someone like Shakira Austin to pop in that they can afford to give her some playing time. Atlanta knows that they're not going to be battling for a WNBA title this year. It's just not in the cards. So why not bring in someone like Shakira Austin, who with the proper development really could become something very, very strong for your team moving forward. And you can afford to give her a lot of playing time because you're not going to be competing for a title this year. So Atlanta is a great fit. And for that reason alone, I didn't drop Shakira Austin, but less than impressive month of March for all miss in general and specifically Shakira Austin. So moving on to number four, Dallas has their first pick of this round. And I am going to actually change things a little bit here. My 1.0 draft actually had Dallas taking Ashley Jones out of Iowa state. But I am actually going to move hill and out of Michigan up to this number four spot. Now I was hillman, has been fantastic in Michigan has made me kind of eat some crow as they've now advanced quite a ways further than I anticipated. I thought that they were, you know, I didn't think that they were going to be consistent enough to make it a deep run in March. And here they are in Helen is a huge part of the reason why she's kind of, I guess, shut me up a little bit as far as my early takes. And so I think that if I'm not willing to make adjustments based on new information, I think that's a little bit ridiculous if I stick to a take that I had two months ago, three months ago. That's just not the way to be. And so I did go ahead and bump her up two spots from number 6 to number four. So Nas hillman going to Dallas. Number 5 is actually I'm going to keep the same player. I think sika kone or Coney. I apologize. I'm not positive. I've watched several clips and I've heard her name pronounced different ways. I'm excited to see her drafted. So that we can hopefully get just more content for her and be able to see the content I really tried to get into different videos and clips and different things to watch more of her. And it's pretty hard to come by. So I do think the secret kone is going to be ending up in New York because New York has a really solid starting rotation right now. And I think that she could come in and be kind of that developmental expectation kind of similar to what we've seen from some of our younger European brought in players that we that we've seen an awa queer that we saw last year for Dallas. So that's where I see Q&A. Number 6 Dallas again has a pick and I'm gonna go ahead and say that they are going to bring in destiny Henderson who I had at number 7 previous to this and I've got destiny Henderson going into Dallas. I think that she could provide some depth to a pretty strong backcourt in Dallas and I think that she could come in and learn a lot from the players there. She is a different type of guard than we currently see in Dallas. And so perhaps there's some matchups or some specific lineups that destiny Henderson could really come in and do a lot of good for the wing squad. And I bumped her up. I had her at 7 last mock draft and I bumped her up to number 6. Number 7 pick is Indiana. Alyssa Kane, ELISA Canaan is really as actually shown quite a bit of what we wanted to see her to show in March. She's actually done a really solid job. She dropped she trapped 13 and 7, and then she dropped 13 and 7 against the number 16 seed. Then had actually a pretty rough game, but wasn't didn't play a lot against Kansas state. Kansas state she wasn't really in the game a whole lot. And so they won that game by 32 points or something like that. And so she just didn't really play a lot. And so it's hard to get a good grasp on things there. Now, against Notre-Dame, she had 16 points ten rebounds, snag that double double, went 5 or ten from the field, which is strong. And then went 6 for 7 from the free throw line, did miss a free throw in a game that was pretty clutch. And so, but overall, strong line wasn't the strongest outing from her, but seeing this NC state team basically run the table through their conference tournament, where she performed very well, and then so far it hasn't had to do a lot in the first two games until Notre-Dame showed up and then went 16 and ten. Shooting 50% from the field and 6 for 7 from the line. Solid. Just solid to push your team forward into the elite 8. And so I bumped her up one spot, excuse me. I bumped her up two spots. I had her at number 9 to LA in my one. Here in my two I've got her up at number 7 going to Indiana. No matter how the last.

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