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The bad news when he received an email from his agency employer telling them they need to have a meeting to discuss his role this week so he brings this emotional support clown with him to work I think this is. outstanding. I think it's okay so much maybe in the future if some of these don't get printed if you could let me know that they don't get printed so that I don't flip through them with the expectation that they will be there that would be helpful but I want to give a posthumous commendation. to any money. any money of course we all know from his incredible song two tickets to paradise a modern day classic. he was. very very prolific baby hold on not only great performer but it to rific song writer as so much of his music is part of the soundtrack of the nineteen eighties. and he passed away at the age of seventy. after battling cancer so never never met any money. don't know much about him and his personal life but I do know about his music and his music brought a lot of joy and continues to bring a lot of joy to a lot of people he was a great artist and at least from a musical perspective he'll be mass certainly we wish his family the best I want to give accommodation to Daniel Blake. is a former Staten Islander I might add and is a helicopter pilot in the United States Coast Guard and he was one of the leaders in this dramatic.

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