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And it's a part of the because this i'm our a it's a part of their ancient mets all gee and they found out that is actually a real animal somewhere around the fourteen hundreds was made extent through hunting and say my anderson was in smiley before humans invaded iraq announced my deciding was that was just no major photos four that's because as many entire but i was seen yeah they call the thing that tasmanian tiger that died down during pew in um like modern times as a crazy look and picture with its face will amounts on that frank jesus christ but that i believe those think died from the nineteen and this type to send her so that's not stink but the thing though is probably the mark predator the happen when did die tyler seen is now extend torrey humans arrives us troy at least fifty thousand years ago in introduced a didn't on the five thousand years ago so maybe those things are intent tretter is what the big part of trying to reuss i guess probably the catching them when they're not what they're young but they carry the young inside their body and that pouch was makes an different from any other kind of animal that would be upright because they can take care of their their young and bounce away quickly well this is why so in terms of large mammals humans and i'm colts every single type of large mammal other than tango news in australia i think the cunt hundreds of different types which to me was a bunch of different things other than kangaroos.

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