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Email the live video feed is there as well also the blaze radio network it's the week it was Joe pads hopefully have a great week good day I'm I'm stunned by how fast the weeks are going if you're it's strange to me that we're coming toward the end of October it's just weird it seems as though two thousand nineteen just started and your way younger than I am and he had the dubious fly by like like like they do for me I mean is this you're going faster just this year has what is up how do we stop it help me out with that venture task for the day how do we stop the days of the week for the months of the year from going by so quickly well get my research done okay could you get back to me in a so there's a lot going on and of course the the run up to next year's election just about a year away now but here in two weeks away that's the focus it seems every single second of every single day on cable news on legacy media on talk radio certainly now that the the impeachment push is is top of mind too you ever notice how the whistle blower talk is going away yeah I I have what I thought was a was a lower anymore the whistle blower was in my opinion a fraud there was the whistle blower there was somebody who was told something by somebody and then decided that they would lawyer up this person who used to work with Joe Biden who I guess you store with a couple of aides to Adam Schiff met with Adam Schiff before the report was ever even filed or written the report as written looks like it could have been written by Adam Schiff its report that is third party the person actually says I have no first hand knowledge that end of it self makes that person not a whistle blower but they're going to testify and they're going to double down and now there's another whistle blower who has first hand knowledge and they're gonna come forward it's something we're not talking about that anymore hello now we're talking about something that the acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney said yesterday or two days ago about Ukraine in money and and so on the whistle blowers that now Adam Schiff says I'm probably will come and testify one all of this was for nothing I think you were throwing trial balloons out there floating in any way throw some spaghetti install see if it sticks we're gonna whistleblower maybe trouble step down and resign and leave all Russia collusion maybe troubled resigning step down and leave please on Feb twenty Fifth Amendment maybe he'll step down and leave in all these things that you want growing out of none of them stick and in fact we see these rallies that he does it's a it's amazing the enormity of the crowds in blue Minnesota we're get several stations and I love Minnesota in Duluth Minnesota they showed up twenty or twenty five thousand were in the arena I've heard estimates as low as five thousand is high it's another twenty thousand outside of course eighty five the fascist organization that's just the son or grandson of the KKK they were there black lives matter was there fill in the blank radical left wing social justice warrior B. S. they were all there giving a hard time to anybody who dared where a make America great again hat you imagine saying make America great again and that somehow seen as a negative a stupid is that and then of course the rally a week later in Dallas Texas no N. T. five years there is more to stay away from Texas or be a lamb or or protests or any of that twenty thousand inside I write for it estimates between twenty five and fifty thousand outside you imagine having that kind of crowd show up then the media tells you know Elizabeth Warren really did a great job at seven hundred people at a rally Robert Frances the Irishman Bechtel Rourke who could be Napoleon dynamite think about it he held a counter rally in Dallas the media could not get out of its own way to brag that Robert Francis had fifty five hundred people there I did that I got was that many the thirty five hundred people as compared to fifty to seventy five thousand for the president and the media things that Robert Francis the Irishman actually did something positive for his campaign back I will be on the stage again soon so see these rallies we see real Americans talking about how they're happy with the economy unemployment is really low now manufacturers coming back making Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton purses and and other items in Texas now for goodness sakes because the corporate climate is so much better to make a profit to hire people to expand that research development done we're seeing positive moves all around when it comes to our strength and our standing in the world yet the media keeps on pushing this narrative that Americans want him out of the job you want to impeach daughter remote at one now do you belong to fox news poll that allege fifty five percent wanted peach fifty one percent want him removed this well as approval ratings over fifty percent so how exactly is it but more than fifty percent one removed impeached it is a full writing is better than fifty percent so some people who approve of a storm remote helping understand that then there were some hello we'll be akki peas some for other poll came out yesterday or the day before and this was at all yeah it's a fifty percent one gone now well who are they pulling the media maybe that's other polling could be the media you got that going on well the left is eating its own I believe the Ukraine story was leaked by Adam Schiff to get Joe Biden out of the way of a far left wing progressive in the race for the democratic nomination I try to look I can't I can't prove this will give you my opinion as to how it came down they know they can get trump but if they could bring him which they try to do every day like the like the lunacy of the it's a close a standing up in a meeting and point your finger at the president for a photo op if they could then the present what they do every day and also take down Joe Biden who his mental capacity or leases communications capacity is anywhere near where it used to be okay as a hard time keeping a train of thought as a hard time remembering things now he's definitely lost a step many of said his fastball is more like a change up now it could be not a bad comparison I guess which suddenly we find out about hunter Biden Joe Biden's son who by the way sounds exactly like him when he speaks listen to speak it's pretty interesting he disappeared for a month or two showed up on ABC the other day being interviewed I guess at his house and it was the fired and it was odd and I'll get help then even hunter Biden got a job for a natural gas for more energy firm in Ukraine a job for which he is not qualified doesn't know anything about it learn about natural gas religion like a no degree has no job is you know has no experience they gave him fifty thousand dollars a month think about that a lot of you listening right now don't make fifty thousand a year some of you make fifty to sixty thousand a year some of you make thirty time you make a hundred this guy was making six hundred thousand a year doing your job he knew nothing about he was asked if he thought he got the job because last name is biting is there a gas but a lot of things well good things happen because molested by well so he has this job and the firm for which is working is under investigation for possible corruption is a prosecutor in Ukraine who is investigating that company including hunter Biden that's really what's going on and the vice president van Joe Biden was tasked by president Obama to be sort of in charge of Ukraine in Ukraine policy so then vice president Joe Biden goes to Ukraine these are his words I didn't make this up he tells the story laughs about and he's there to give them a billion dollars of loan insurances and he says you know about this prosecutor what you to fire him we sort of firing the prosecutor he says well you don't fire and I'm not gonna do the billion dollars the great he'd say well you're not the president you don't make that call by his response column good call the president and then he says I'm I'm leaving in six hours that guy's not fired I'm leaving with the Jack and then he says SOB uses the words the fire the prosecutor I hate the term quid pro quo because we keep saying that and it's so stupid one I'd say you know you scratch my back I'll scratch yours why not say you got to you you don't do this I'm not gonna do that that's really what it is is a threat to not do it Obama promised Ukraine if you crane didn't do what Joe Biden wanted so I believe a Leslie doll that and then by like an idiot we ease on videotape bragging about getting the prosecutor fired the prosecutor has under a sworn affidavit said I was told I was fired because the vice president threatened us all that ignored by the mainstream the left the left wing media so they try to didn't drop and and they did okay for about a week another whistleblower stories kind of got away and then they really hurt Joe Biden he went for the front runner the left now Elizabeth Warren is the front runner Joe Biden is second pretty close with with Bernie Sanders you just had a heart attack he's he's gonna be in this race either much longer open less they did they had to take biting down he's too moderate there's another moderate the race on the left even more moderate than been biting summer policies all sound conservative Tulsi Gabbard told the governor was a a member of Congress from Hawaii the congressman from White House representatives she did very very well in the first debate in the second debate was the most gullible person there to go after couple Heris and suddenly was excluded from the debates for the next two or three one she was out doing her reserve server she still in the military other ones are allegedly didn't qualify so now they changed the eligibility requirements from the DNC the keeper off the stage will idiots like Robert Frances the Irishman in holy on I hate everybody Castro there on the stage but told the.

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