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I don't know why, but the word is in my head and I lifted up my shirt and I showed her that I had to cancer operations, and I had this weird pattern of scars that look like stars in the galaxy. It looks like when you look at, you know, like Orion. Connected to. All right. Look at that, and I just I'm now looking at all of these people knowing that we all have scars and wouldn't this be a beautiful song. If you think you had a scar that was so horrible. But someone was so in love with you that the first thing they wanted to do was kissed that ugly scar and she looked at me and she says, that's beautiful as it can go, right? Those Oakley's and I left and I ran downstairs wrote down real quickly and then came back up and finish my dinner and seeing that you'll have words like that a so prominence. And you think impress before you even pick open instruments or anything does not mean that you'll immediately tried to marry those words to a melody when you do sit down or might you writes a piece of music and then starts to put the words, it's it's different every time she I would love to give you what it seems like you're searching for. It seems like saying a hussy that's how he does it. But if I said that I'd be less than honest because it doesn't work like that. We would just driving. Over in the car, and we were talking about the credits on the album is a song I wrote called Queen that features Elton, John. And I said, you know, I wrote that song twenty five years ago maybe. And I remember when I got Elton to sing the song, I told him the story, he saw Diana Ross and says, oh, I signed that's on that. Now wrote for you. She had no idea Tucson about goes twenty five years ago, health in call Mesa, Nyla. Diana said, you didn't write that song. I'll use your brain. She just forgot it was twenty years ago..

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