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There's no bender that they're in bed with the app, but speaking of vendors the next Bill SP nine forty six pertains to street food vendors who will actually beginning a little bit more liberty. So this was a positive for the food industry for the restaurant industry. Is that street vendors will now have more freedom to sell food, the California state government has said that cities and counties are not going to be able to ban sidewalk vendors from selling their hotdog selling their whatever they want, but can still set up licensing system to regulate them basically saying time and manner but not outright banning them. Right. And also added that vendors who violate local laws maybe selling on a street corner. That's they're not supposed to or blocking some kind of traffic or something like that can only be punished with the fighter say tation. It cannot face criminal charges for doing what they. I should be allowed to do in the first place, which is sell food two consenting people. I love this fell. I'm super down with it. It's funny because I read this. I was like I don't understand why California would be doing this regulation. Also, this freeing of street food vendors, very particular street, like why street food vendors right at it. When we keep talking you'll see there some other ones in your like why that and then I found other article that was talking about this. And they were like saying that basically the concern was that there were illegal immigrants working in food trucks and doing these kinds of like not not under the table jobs, but just like gray area jobs, and this was an attempt to protect illegal immigrants and to offer them the chance to make money and succeed in denies hates America, which I love because it is such a beautiful picture of what we talk about all the time. Which is that if you. Have a class of people that you think are suffering or underprivileged. The best thing to for them is to deregulate portions of the the market where they are working trying to make money and allow them to do things like sell food out of buffoon truck that they make and but then working to kitchen, and let them do these kinds of jobs that maybe people wouldn't enjoy as much. It's Larry it is hilarious picture of a place that is pretty socialists in terms of its ideas of helping the underprivileged just take a take a page straight out of libertarianism in an attempt to help legal immigrants. I think it's hilarious right in the Roenick thing is that they were citing the fact that these you legal aliens are these street food vendors specifically, the illegal immigrant ones were disenfranchised by the street food vendor regulations that a lot of these cities and counties have and. And the part about this is that the whole justification is that it disenfranchises just these illegal immigrants because they might get in trouble and might get deported or things like that. But it does that for everybody. It's every street vendor. It's every type of food regulation that we see does this to the vendors. And so it's ironic that they're capable of coming to that libertarian conclusion that justification that says like, oh, well this disenfranchises in harm street vendors, but then go and do things like plastic straw bands. Mandates on drew juices and say, oh, well, this doesn't disenfranchise the average American businessmen. Yeah. Yeah. Somebody said to me today. They said, you know, feelings are recyclable revolving and facts are the same all the time. No matter what right. This is such beautiful example feelings theories of how and why and what's best ever changing. And revolving the fact that. That practically if you wanna help someone what you do is give them a job in allow them to work and get the government off their back. That's just the fact so you see a lot of different people with a lot of different ideologies coming to that conclusion. And that's because it's not based on the ideology based on the facts, you know, what I mean? And this is going to be a perfect case example for libertarians down the road when they have to have this argument for another vendor. Yup. Bill how come worked for these people? But it's not gonna work for these people..

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