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Tabitha always great to see you. I love Tampa and happy birthday. By the way I also want to thank him and Giselle Tomorrow Night. Ellie kept burn Daniel Radcliffe. Thanks guys all right. We are here on the after show with Kim Zodiac Bearman Giselle Bryant. Okay Giselle Lou. Feel US wants to know your thoughts on New Housewife Wendy. I really like Wendy. I in the beginning. I was a little reserved. But you know. She's so super smart. She's a professor at Johns Hopkins. She likes to eat. That's always a good thing. And she knows how to turn up when she turns up she turns into when day She Kim. What's up with your the Botox and fillers and all that stuff I would. I would think that what I'm looking at. Is You know nine weeks without it right now. Andy so Atlanta opened up over. My doctor had a baby. You're going to baby so she was already right before the corn happened. She had this new baby so she was real and I both were her first. She did by Botox and touch my lips a little bit but yeah I mean I did feel I get migraines from like just general so the buttocks actually really helps me in the back of my neck. Here and really here so that's unimaginable. I mean ending forty two on Tuesday so I knew how happy birthday God you were so young when I met you. I was the youngest house I remember. That's so crazy but I gotta tell you something that I just feel like if you get Bo talks at twenty nine at ages you don't you think like. I don't like you're telling me Brielle got Bo talks now. No Real Dinner Lips earlier. Yeah she just like she wanted to outline. This makes no sense you I know but like outline actual just lip line itself so that POPs. Sometimes there's a fine balance Occa- reels twenty-three honey. She's GonNa do no matter what what she wants to do yes. She's strong willed like her mother. Right Yeah Arianna is a little bit worse. She's really to grassy graduated this year. Yeah she's going onto your Zona so she's supposed to go to Asu. I think with maybe the corona kind of not knowing what's going on willing. She might go to Georgia year. She's enrolled in. Asu Right now with Mitt from national Georgia us to figure out kind of this little corona. Why am I gonNA hit fifty thousand dollars for her? Just do it on the computer in Arizona doesn't make right. We're we're like up in the air. A lot of people are up in the Kim up on that note. Britney t wants to know if there's any room truth to the rumor that your family is moving to Ra to Arizona's since Arianna is going to be attending Asu. But you don't know you're but you wouldn't move if you went to. Asu You wouldn't move right. Well I think I love Arizona Lot. Were there a lot signed a hairdresser therefore years ago? So we're there all the time. I actually love it there. I don't want to raise my kids in Los Angeles. Even I'm their lot not lately so that would be like kind of a place that would work and I love Vegas. It's like a fine. I don't know I can't imagine being away from any of my children so if one of them's GonNa leave on probably GonNa follow all right. Well let's leave it there. Thank you guys so much for hanging out with me tonight. This was really fun. Thanks much you great. How real quick. How are you feel great? Thank you for reaching out to me and being so sweet. Both of you. I feel really good and I wish that I could've brought Dan out but he's sleeping up but I feel open. I feel better. I mean this age with banner is in all my God. No I love it. He's so yeah it's percents baby. Who looks exactly like him? Is that weird like white? He looks just like it's crazy. Union person with saw him from afar. Yeah really beautiful too. Lucky we are so we are so lucky. Oh my God. We're so lovely. I'll see you in person soon. You thanks guys down side. Thanks for listening to the PODCAST. Everybody hope you enjoyed the show. New episodes go live Monday through Friday at four. Pm Eastern time. Make sure you're subscribe to have a great rusty or not..

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