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Listeners dear listeners for many months now you've heard me talking about poop arri the before you go toilet spray i've detailed completely fictitious scenarios where the stench of europe who ruins marriages gets you fired a even get you turned down for a car loan in all of it could have been avoided by using poop hurry the before you go toilet spray sure sure these are made up scenarios the mostly the one i told about my producers cat litter was that was completely true but the point is who really smells in you don't want to be that guy you know the one who is so in love with the smell of his own excrement that he thinks the rest of the world loves it too we all know that guy friends i urge you to better a few pumped of who pery in you can walk out of the toilet with your head held high confident that you have left it a better place than when you walked in you might even get that fictional car loan go to poohpooh recom that's p o o p o u r r icom enter the code amazing and you will get five dollars off a twenty five dollar order in you too can come out of any situation smelling great.

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