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Grand? We're gonna have a conversation and a debate about that office. It's an open seat democrat, Julie, blah, blah, and Republican Pam Myra. But our guest right now is James home in the Washington Post. He's Minnesota native. He follows national politics. And he always keeps an eye on his home state James we were talking earlier just kind of about accessibility of candidates. So here's a little insight. Maybe you've you've seen this too. Is that I'll just go through the races Stober less accessible than ridden in Phillips more accessible than Paulson Louis more accessible than crag and in the first Hagedorn more accessible than fan, which is really interesting because I want to talk to you about what you're hearing in the first district between Dan Fiene, and Jim Hagedorn. That's of course, Tim walls seats that's open because Republicans have been optimistic on the seat. But Democrats have spent a lot of money there. Yeah. I think Republicans and Democrats are sort of feeling. Toward the Democrats that this is just a district were the president's popular even in a good year for Democrats either. They haven't cancelled all their advise the way they have in the iron range market. Democrats really have Britain off the district up north. But I I just it's it's this is exactly one of those kinds of districts that just shows how the the country is becoming a lot of ways more polarized, and in sorting out between regions and and demographics. So one of the dynamics down there. Well, there's two kind of specific things that you should kind of be aware of the as you think about Minnesota one is trade and tariffs. Obviously a lot of corn and soybean farmers in the first district and while the president still popular it's declined a little and that could be a factor. The second factor is wall seems to be running batter naturally. It's his home district. Then all other Republicans in that district, and that seems to be helping feeling a little so if there is a dynamic there, it could be the Tim walls kind of drag Stanfield over the finish line by a point or two. Absolutely. And you know, that frankly, that's that was Wallace's argument for for nominating him. It was he could he could do well downstate, and he is, and I I don't think any of the other Democrats who were going for governor would would be would be doing that. Well, and I think if there were other Democrats not criticizing them the first district race wouldn't be as close Thursday night. We have the first face to face debate between Senator Tina Smith and state Senator Karin Housley. Yesterday. Democrats dropped four hundred thousand dollars in ads against KARN. Housley? Is there some buzz that that race is tightening in Washington? There's not okay. To be honest. I think what Democrats say you have to run the traps, you can't just not run. And it was always going to be tighter than the police show. The post actually has a story today from a reporter who looked at sort of the metoo dynamic in that race. Yeah. We're heavily talking about we had it in mourning. Good. And and you know, it is kind of a heavily, and I'm sure this will come up in the debate. She's talking about Brad Kavanagh lot and his really taken his side. And but at the same time as attacking Tina Smith for standing by Keith Ellison. So you have this weird dynamic were both female candidates are trying not to be defined by misdeeds of of men in their party, right? Well, attacking their opponent for being insufficiently supportive of of purported sexual assault victims. Yeah. No. That is a an interesting dynamic, and we haven't talked about the attorney general's race. But let me just say, here's my message to you. It's the nastiest race I've ever seen in twenty plus years between Keith Ellison and Doug wardlow. There's never been a nastier race in Minnesota. So. I will send you some links to some fun ads later today. Please. All right. Sounds good. James? Thanks for joining us. My pleasure blades. Always nice to talk to you. And and look forward to connecting after the election to debrief on on. What happened sounds good? Thanks James by James in from the Washington Post now a week from now, we're going to know who won and who didn't win and let us know what you think eight one eight hundred seven tax nine eight nine nine two six give us your costs. If you're an independent voter and there's still some races. You're undecided on what is it that you're looking for one? Texter writes what I'm looking for. Sadly, I'm not finding is a candidate who is moderate understands. The concept of compromise is not a party hack, and who has a personal ethic of integrity. I'm curious what race your identity that with and which races?.

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