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Sudden Friday matters. Liz McCormick, thank you so much. Of correspondent global macro. It Bloomberg news. Paul, I was on the street last night without The Rain. Rain, no rain, rain. It was a window of no rain, came up and they said, talk about the streaming because the person in the streets that they had like 5 6 streamers and their continent back. Who's winning the streaming wars right now? I don't know. I don't know. Well, certainly if you're creating content, you got plenty of demand for your content. You can place it anywhere you want. You make a movie, and then you figure out how you're going to distribute it, which is completely new way of going out. What are the names that we are all paying our stupid money every morning? Come on, the sum total in my house is bigger than my old cable. Exactly right. Okay. And we saw who's winning that choice. Well, yeah, I think the clear winners right now are Netflix and Disney. And then I think it's everybody else is gonna fight for whatever market share is left, whether the paramount plus we don't know the discovery. You don't know. And quite frankly, it's going to be a question who can bear the most financial pain to get to that point where you can kind of break down and start making real profits on there. And Netflix has done it in most of their markets. Disney will do it in another year or two. And then we'll have to see everybody else does. I see let's use of Netflix among the horde at home. I think it's just simply there's competition now. You have lots of places you can go to. Very good. We've got lots of places to lift the market features up 55 down features of three 55 630. That's important 29.18. With our news in New York City is Michael

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