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And reliable experiences. I didn't want to just go through the conventional. And European thing that you join theater company Whitman, by the way, nothing to be set against it. It just wasn't my path. Yeah. I followed including the instinct and an idea in a way without knowing too much. But I knew that I had a deficit of some sort. You did study with stow add were here. Thrones. Did you get anything out of that? Well, needs to be said I did study with her but her script into petition. Okay. I didn't have acting classes with her for that. I went to least Rosberg. Gotcha. So then for Strasbourg. Yes. Let me emphasize that with all vehemence. I claim that Stella Ostler's script into protection. And not. These Strasberg's acting classes. Were the the one most valuable thing. I did in my education, so heart probably some up. What was some months whatever up study with a insert discriminatory rotation? But can you encapsulate a little bit of what you're talking about? What was what's previously so useful for you? But when we talk about over or I occasionally do when I'm being asked them what drew you to this story, or why did you choose to to participate in a lead, for example? I my my answer into degrees. It is a standard end. But but that doesn't make it any less relevant show me. I go full the story. I go for the whole. And if that's. Something that I see myself in in a right place to to contribute or participate in. That's a very good sign because that's really, you know, what what my my idea of the whole thing is if that then happens in the context of people that I'm interested in and I don't need to like them. I need to be interested in full whatever reason. But the reasons usually are of analog. M m then I think about the character. And when all of these I compared it to funnel, you know, from the from the story story down. Fire. The people. That kind of you know, in a decision as such is not necessarily, you know, it kind of funnels me. And and that's something that I learned from still Atla not necessarily the the actual concrete right method. Funneling myself that wasn't a three step process taught. Yeah. Just of it was their wherewithal to to actually negotiate that to direct my attention to the bits that I'm interested in rather to the bits that may sell well or look good or all of that. My sense in in hearing, you talk sometimes about acting quit methods and teachings is that use sometimes can't abide by mysticism around acting. There's a lot of magic film bearable. Okay. Okay. Spot on there. What are the myths about acting that you can't abide that that the trouble you that feel leaf you'll need to be kind of demystified that there is a formula? Or a recipe that if applied diligently will lead to success. Now, what would that formula b that is universally applicable and what exactly what kind of success do actually expect? You know, it is. I heard him say it with my own years. Lease Rosberg said teaching acting just another way of making money. And that you know, like forty years later. I would I would underscore wholeheartedly and multiple times. Yeah. So they make an acting teacher acting method purveyor career, and it's kind of the guru thing. And everybody wants the shortcut the innocent souls fall right into it. Because they they really believe that they will be better actor what what would that be a better actor? There's no such thing. Right. And what I think the word that maybe comes up most that I hear you say in conversation. It's play when you're talking with that in. That's a you have that unique chance to try out something that you wouldn't dare to try out in your life. Right. Because of the consequences, you might I don't know. End up dead shunned damaged bankrupt. Whatever, you know, the can it up, right? Which does it feel like what would you do if you were that person? But what would you do? So, you know, while he's always playing himself. What what else do you see supposed to play? Oh, he's getting into this into this character like into a glove. Well, I recommend glove. Are there certain kinds of like if you're on set with an actor? That's don't you their own process that you may personally disagree with that doesn't work for you..

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