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From ABC news. I'm Daria Albinger secretary is pushing back on criticism over her proposal to cut Special Olympics, sweet congresswoman Barbara Lee asked education secretary, Betsy DeVos, why she wants to eliminate all federal Special Olympics funding. I still can't understand why you would go after disabled children in your budget zero that out it's it's appalling secretary DeVos firing back saying Jerry's pay millions Special Olympics. Members of congress say cutting federal funding would impact more than a quarter million special needs children Andy Field. ABC news, Washington senators on a subcommittee pressed acting FAA administrator Daniel L will on whether the agency should ban the practice of selling safety features. I'll a card unplayable. Tell you that. If there is any manufacturer that sells a safety critical part cart. We will not permit. Boeing reportedly offered a safety system as an optional. Add on in the seven thirty-seven max series, which wasn't installed in the down lion air or Ethiopian. Airline planes. A federal federal jury in San Francisco has awarded eighty million dollars in damages to a California man who blamed the weed killer roundup for his cancer a district. Judge overseeing hundreds of roundup lawsuits considers the case a bellwether trial self avowed white supremacist James, Alex fields junior now pleading guilty to federal hate crimes where the deadly Charlottesville, Cortec US attorney Thomas Cullen calls a plea acceptably believes that life imprisonment or the potential life imprisonment was an acceptable result. We also believe that it vindicated our interest in protecting the civil rights of those victims heels now avoids the death penalty plowed his car through a crowd of protesters in two thousand seventeen killing a woman. Stocks closed lower today on Wall.

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