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So we do have the the update on the big spending bill and it's not pretty and president trump is apparently hell bent on signing it or is currently in agreement with the congressional leadership that he should sign it we'll get into what's in the bill and what's not in the bill coming up in the next couple of minutes and it is it's a fascinating little town we have here if it's not one thing it's two things john dowd the new york times reports president's personal lawyer resigning the special counsel inquiry trump's lead lawyer and special counsel inquiry resigns the new york times is reporting and a shakeup in trump's legal team trump attorney john dowd said to resign amid shakeup on the legal team for russia probe the washington post and new york times are excited to report dad's resignation came several days after trump added joseph degen uva a former us attorney who has pushing an aggressive new strategy to his team joseph friend of mine and i would expect an aggressive new strategy and perhaps an aggressive new strategy is needed coming up one point three trillion of your dollars this is the chris plante show.

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