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Country singer Joe Diffie has died from complications from the corona virus according to Publicis Scott Adkins Debbie was sixty one I margins are a lot of with a look at his career Joe did he said in that song he was not afraid of dying it was the thought of being dead he was one of the mainstays of nineties country with his other hits including home third rock from the sun and pick up man did he said in a two thousand four A. P. interview he chose songs that may not have been timeless but he felt it would hold up I think I've always been really interested in in music not only for the music segment but sonically I like the way things sound as of Sunday morning New York state's coronavirus death toll is nearing one thousand with the state accounting for more than forty percent of covert nineteen deaths in the U. S. new data shows the coronaviruses overwhelming some of New York city's poorest neighborhoods queens accounts for thirty two percent of the city's cases and nearly a quarter of the people who died in the state were nursing home residents we are lucky that it's only one quarter coronavirus in a nursing home is a toxic mix the governor Cuomo says there are some encouraging numbers nobody really points to these numbers but this is good news eight hundred and forty six people came out of hospital that's a hundred and forty six people with corona virus discharge from the hospital on Saturday alone Cuomo also says the state developed a less intrusive coronavirus saliva and nasal swab test which can be self administered in the presence of a health care provider Julie Walker New York country singer and songwriter Jan Howard has died at the age of ninety one according to the grand Ole Opry I'm marquees are a letter with a look at her career I just could never see before loving Jan Howard's greatest successes on the country charts for her songs with bill Anderson including for loving you and if it's all the same to you Anderson writes on social media he wrote a whole bunch of rivers together with Howard and none were ever doll Howard also wrote the song it's all over but the crying for Kitty wells and I never once stopped loving you for Connie Smith from nineteen eighty seven autobiography sunshine and shadow was a best.

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