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So I hope he plays in whatever capacity. Hope he plays. Well, because I think teddy is a starting quarterback in this league. And I would like to see him have offers as such even if he turns them down to go back up drew Brees one more year to than do. Let's not forget as a young quarterback. Teddy Bridgewater lead eighteen to play off at the doorstep of victory. And the kicker mistake kick against the atom plane at home. So teddy Bridgewater has led eighteen alr-. Ready to the playoffs in a young career. All right moving onto the Packers. Packers eliminated from the playoffs. The search for their next head coach has now officially begun with Green Bay reportedly interviewing Jim Caldwell and Chuck Pagano. See any of these candidates? Good fit for the job. I think both of these candidates. I'm glad that Green Bay did interview. Because for me, I just think that sometimes in this league and been covering it soul long. Sometimes we forget about coaches that have already established himself coaches that typically what we've seen even with Bill Belichick being the greatest example their second time around typically is that better stint in the league. And you talk about Gano had a tough situation there as far as ownership and the general managers far as the players and stuff that they were going to get drafted what style they were going to play at. But coach pagawa brought a sense of toughness to the Indianapolis Colts. What is Aaron Rodgers a Green Bay Packers need right now. And they need to get freaking tougher. And I think. The ultimate compliment for a guy like coach for Ghana was remember when he got sick, and he had cancer and Bruce area and took over and he talked about coach always going to leave the light on for you and the type of impact that he started having on that community. So for me, it's not Xs and os. I know he's going tighten up that defense, which they need. But also he is going to be there for Aaron Rodgers to listen, we're going to do this. And I think the Aaron can trust him called will he's gotten great results from the quarterback. No matter where he is the quarterback. He is a stabilising voice is just like Tony dungee, but on offense of side people don't give him credit for the offense football that he knows the stability. He brings to that quarterback room. And to that offense. I believe he is a great candidate. So I think the Packers they are on the right track. No, they're not looking for some young up and coming the sexy, the spicy the psalm McVay as Jenner would say, no. They're going old veteran coaches who had a try are two and believe that going forward. This is the way to the best way to build a fine the coach and because they can't be wrong. Just like we were talking about LeBron's age. He ain't gonna play forever era, thirty five he's not playing forever now air Aaron Rodgers is this is whomever. This coach is going to be as last head coach. And if it's not it's because disaster happened and the coach got fired quickly. That's why I don't think the Packers are in position to go for upside unknown. I think you have to go with someone who knows what they're doing. And I'm I'm just really surprised, and I'll be honest a little disappointed with some of my not your contemporaries so much in the media. But people more like me people that didn't play people that try to analyze the game the way they have laughed off to Caldwell interview as some Rooney rule token situation. Jim Caldwell has been an excellent coach in this league. Now hard it is to get to the playoffs twice with Detroit..

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