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Four to six to the caller is but the background of the to judge border south bend Indiana the only child of to college professors who affected bed while employed as faculty members of New Mexico State University but while he was in south bend his father taught at at Notre Dame two thousand but a judge was valedictorian of his senior class in south bend he won first prize of the John Kennedy presidential library and museum profiles in courage essay contest accepted the award the subject of his winning essay was the integrity of political courage of Bernie Sanders interestingly enough the judge is a graduate of Harvard and Oxford university on a Rhodes Scholarship he was a consultant at the management consulting firm of McKinsey with four years as a naval intelligence officer in the navy reserve achieved the rank of lieutenant he was deployed for seven months to Afghanistan that's pretty much it that's the pleasure guy and of course was mayor for red two terms in the south bend in the average work for a variety of political campaigns over the years and the that's him let's go to tally in the Dothan Alabama next on the bull headed show hello there good evening Hey I dont well I'm well what's on your mind where well well my mind is date Donald Trump is actually Democrat at one time he was he has been for quite awhile eight he's actually a Democrat now how do you figure date the John F. Kennedy Democrat word of this plane you're saying the philosophically he's a John Kennedy Democrat I'm not sure that it would be safe to say that Donald Trump has a political philosophy but okay whatever yes I have an Adonis candidly well on the ring on on some issues I guess maybe yes in and the Democratic Party has changed so much is there now you know narrow narrow choppy the Republic yes he is as a matter of fact he certainly if there are more than a few people in this country tally you in fact are Republicans because they are because they left the party but because the party left them point well taken this is Bruce in the fort worth Texas good evening Bruce great show as always thank you for your objectivity are we responding to your previous question I would live to see once and for all I'm I'm a few jurors memorable event socialist as far and I think it's amazing is trying to hold on to a as a moderate room as a conservative working so that means there is some issues for half the burning but my point is this let's put a fable sorcerers cultural political and social an economic communist up against the greatest capitalist longtime never been tried with a businessman in there for years we tried with Ross Perot twelve goals which I was surprised that the alternate capitalist and has already been a presidential it's lost or action in a row in the car on the road this as well has lost election with what well such a great economy well because rob I don't do the recall probably not of I don't remember what the economy was in nineteen ninety two with H. W. bush lost but probably the idea if the economy stays this good it would be hard for him to lose yeah yeah actually the economy in ninety two was already out of the recession but the media wouldn't wooden reported but it was still still economy because it is speaking of bush forty one and I voted for but here's the deal people are you I was a Democrat for thirty five years a Republican for twenty years and we got sick and tired jumble of the broken promise read my lips no new taxes in a few months later bush forty one has the biggest tax like in history the previous president yeah I I know though there's no doubt about the fact that the the if Republicans won't know how they wound up with the with Donald Trump the answer is for most of them to look in the mirror there you're quite correct in that regard that they got Donald Trump by virtue of not doing what they promised they would do and and for the life of me I've never understood why people do that you always get bitten by that it just it doesn't make sense even if you are congenitally allying weasel if you want to win that that's the time you pretty much have to tell the truth people remember in this day and age nothing is ever forgotten it's all online somewhere tentative the Jamestown The New York good evening Ted hi question yeah you said that I always should be the first one not every time hello turn north south east or west hi where which state as I said we should have for regional primaries northeast southeast Midwest and west they should rotate the order they go hi we wouldn't matter if you rotate you know one year to be the north east the next year to be the southeast the next time it'll be the mid west of the next time the west wouldn't it wouldn't be any particular state no I'm talking about having all of those states have their primaries on the same day for primaries yes but it covers value which state gets held I know is they all have it on the same day no state gets close the deal so what I'm saying I'm saying that on a on a day in March all of the southeastern states would voted that out a day in April all of the midwestern states would vote in a day and may all of the western states you tune up saying not one state that all both on the same day that's what I'm suggesting okay well that's clearer yeah I think so yeah I don't have words that much smaller to reuse really have made I thought it was pretty clear but so no no one state well no one state with then you know be doing anything again it's only an idea and I wouldn't worry about it because it's not going to happen more to come and we'll be back in a moment diabetes high blood pressure anxiety meds everyone's on them if you're a fifty year old male maybe a bit be free and you may even have type two diabetes a.

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