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Airlines and hospitals. Your solution for a new, safe, clean and luxury ride to and from work, call one 844 work Bus today. California's top doctor says all of the numbers on the state's response to covert 19 are improving. Dr. Mark Galli says hospitalizations are down 28% during the past two weeks, while ICU capacities are improving statewide. He says it's the result of people adhering to the stay at home order. But he says another surge is possible of people ignore the fundamentals of fighting off the coronavirus in my own community. I see more people milling around less masking that I would like to see less masking. Then we saw maybe a couple of months ago, and it's a real opportunity to up our game on this point. Dr Galley advises people attending Super Bowl or Lunar New Year events to wear masks, keep socially distance and celebrate outdoors. If the weather allows it will here in the Bay Area highs will be in the mid sixties with lots of sunshine by Sunday. San Francisco and Oakland are among the many cities seeing an uptick in violence. Authorities believe the surgeon crime has been fueled by all the problems associated with the Corona virus pandemic. The Oakland police officers union has also said it believes cuts to the police Department's budget has added to the problems mayors for most that he spoke out yesterday, saying there has been some really horrible events, including the high profile killing of private investigator Jack Palatine. Oh, who died over a struggle for his camera in San Francisco? As well as the death of an 84 year old man after he seemed to be randomly pushed to the ground. It was caught on surveillance video in Oakland Police are investigating 15 homicides in January alone. This trend is something that most major cities across the country have been seeing. Also traveling. Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf says is a rise in juvenile crime. I'm Terry Rouse kgo a 10. It is no doubt one of the many things Oakland Mayor Libby Shaft is addressing this morning with Nikki Maduro. She's also talking about the hazard pay approved by leaders, forcing large grocers to boost the pay of workers by five bucks. One hour during the pandemic. Mayor Shaft joins the morning show at the bottom of the hour and Nicky will be taking your calls in just a moment on KGO this news update A sponsored by system papers. Did you know your ugly crack stained? Embarrassing driveway? Patio or walkway can actually earn you money.

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