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Front line, if it seems like a lot of people you know are sick with something, it's probably true. According to UCSF, the asymptomatic positivity rate is now twice what it was just a month ago. We get more from kcbs reporter Holly Kwan. UCSF COVID tests everyone that comes in no matter what their ailment. So this is a good measure of what's in the community. A month ago, it was less than 2% or one in 50. Now it's almost 5% or one in 20 people who feel fine that would test positive. What this means is that you can't figure your safe just because someone isn't coughing or sneezing. UCSF infectious disease expert, doctor Peter chin Hong. I think the difference is in this winter. Number one, more people going on number two, there are a lot of other things going around too. So you're going to catch something likely and it seems that almost everybody's sick right now. So there's influenza. There's RSV. There's causes of the common cold like rhinovirus. So people are getting something and then they're getting something else like a couple weeks later because it's not like you're getting reinfected, but there's so many different things to get that you wouldn't have immunity from one different thing that you got before. You might want to rethink not wearing a mask at the movies or indoor shopping. Doctor chin Hong says he's still going to the gym unmasked, but if it starts getting crowded, he'd probably put one on. All I want. Just ahead on Casey BS, we will get you much more on that bad bus crash and Sarah Monty. It's coming up. Right now with Kim vestal, she joins us from the local Honda dealers traffic center with a very latest. Again, yeah, you'll want to avoid the target south side parking lot at ceremony center in Daly City. That's where a Sam trans bus struck several vehicles. People are hurt, the sheriff's department is investigating the crash. They have the area coned off. They expect to be on scene for several hours. The place is bustling. People are holiday shopping. So avoid that portion of the parking lot and we'll continue to tweet updates and provide you with any other breaking news as we stay on top of the story and then we'll be hearing from bob butler, of course, is headed there. Elsewhere there, we've got some delays.

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