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Global demand for helium on the rise. Let's supplies are short three distributors actually have about seventy five percent of the market. A lot of Birkin helium comes out of the Texas, panhandle. How that that on a hot air space tourism industry closer to becoming a reality? Dr Doug Roberts with Fort Worth science and history museum says low level space orbit is in the not too distant future. Actually, not that far away probably a few years away. And that would be getting a rocket to give you into lowers orbit maybe or the once or twice and then come back down. So that would feel weightlessness you'd see earth from obviously, very high damage point next five in ten years. He believes the causes space travel will go down. So that many of his might actually be able to take a short trip around the world. It's five thirty eight Houston's new XFL franchise doesn't have Dame yet. They do have a head. Coach published reports say former NFL quarterback longtime coach June Jones will be named later this week to head the new team. He's a former assistant with both the Oilers and the gamblers he just resigned his position as head coach with the Hamilton tiger. Cats in the Canadian Football League XFL season scheduled a kickoff in February when things are still twenty twenty Houston team will play at TD see you stadium. Here's an Astros all star. Jose Oku today has no definite return date continuing to rehab a hamstring injury. Teen did pound out eleven hits on their way to an eight one win over the Tigers in Detroit last night. Alex bregman? Jake Maricic Robinson Chirinos and out a lady I can't say his name. Allayed miss D S all homering into win game. Two of the series is tonight coverage at five sports talk..

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