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And two of them are held by Democrats, but Trump won them in two thousand sixteen and the other two are held by Republicans play Hillary Clinton won them in two thousand sixteen in both parties, he knew agreed that it can come out head. Three those districts three out of four that it's probably going to be a bad night for the Republicans with Wall Street Journal reporter, Jess Jamerson. He's written a piece entitled key races in Tuesday's midterm elections about out west. Well, later in the evening, you'll start to see Arizona Nevada results. Come in. Both of those are toxic races and Republican dean Heller, Nevada, Muslim -able Republicans running the cycle, and they're open. Flakes. In Arizona, and both those considered extremely close. Busy day in California too. Right. Yeah. I'm california. There's a lot of house races tops up or leaning democratic favor. But from knowledge that it's still waiting on results from out there. Then maybe something went awry for them in places like Pennsylvania imported come down to handful. What else do you think we should include or anything else that jumps out the five? Senate Democrats are running some of their topics races Indiana with Donald KOTA camp. Missouri. Claire mccaskill and then those are really the three that I think are gonna come down to. The personal brands of those state Democrats acknowledged that type environment all three especially Heidi Heitkamp. But the thing that they say will help their candidate updates would be their personal brand elected in the state earlier. Ankara macaque school was official in the state before streaking in there also. So this a little bit personal Branson such a national live in an environment. Okay. So so those states maybe to individualized to say aha the national trend is happening. Exactly that or it could be that. You know, it proves that the national environment world, Trump, whatever. Goodwill candidates may have had in this states prior. Josh Wall Street Journal reporter Joshua Jamerson thirteen minutes now after the hour on.

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