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Jessica says help us here i really need to talk to you okay well you can always email me rusty at rusty live dot com and see what we can do richard is deplorable from wisconsin georgia's their raleigh's there samuel is their howard susan from lodi ohio jessica is an illinois diane yolly david samuel alabama deplorable eve is there eric mike deo michael thank you all for being here i appreciate it my schedule has been a little bit crazy nut s and is going to continue for a little while but i'm here tonight so that's that's good i was on facebook and okay so i don't know if you heard this but donald trump was on a trip to singapore and when he was there he actually had a meeting with this guy kim something anyway i guess i guys kind of important or something and kim jong un is there and the only thing i can get from the left wing i got i got out patricia al pacino i got robert didn't arrogant trump etro and three minute applause from the people on broadway how about f obama how about we say f obama because of it wasn't for obama we wouldn't be in the mess that we're in a lot of places around the world so i say f obama f obama if you agree saying f obama f o badeah now by the way i don't like doing that but the left has no problem and it gets on regular tv and they can say it all they wanted oh boy aren't they wonderful.

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