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Falco our next report at 451 on ten ten wins news time four or forty two manhattan district attorney sivan's is defending his decision not to prosecute movie producer harvey weinstein over allegations of sexual harassment and assault too little hard to hear but he made this comment to reporters today micromax pence made his comments during a conference at the john j college of criminal justice and in response to a report that he accepted campaign donations from one of weinstein's lawyers a few years ago van said he had no regrets about having to raise money in order to campaign for office he said nothing that anyone ever contributed had the slightest impact on his decision in making weinstein has denied the allegations in 2015 he was the subject of an nypd sting tape a tape of which was obtained by and posted by the new yorker yesterday the da's office says that tape itself was not enough to bring a case the hollywood reporter today says weinstein has added criminal defense attorney blair burke to his legal team meanwhile model and actress carrie della wien join a list of weinstein accusers today posting about several alleged incidents two instagram lindsay low hand posted and then deleted comments about feeling quote very bad for weinstein and he she says he never harmed her low hand also called on weinstein's now estranged wife georgina chapman to take a stand him be there for her husband and chapman announced last night that she was divorcing weinstein wins news time four fortyfour it's.

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